Something about a heavy load to carry

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sun square Saturn

Mercury conjunct Venus

Moon in Scorpio

Moon into Sagittarius

Ok, first things first – Saturn is particularly troublesome at the moment. He’s pretty much come to a standstill at 27 Sagittarius. He’s been close to this point pretty much all month, and will be at 27 Sagittarius for all of April too.

I’m feeling it because my Moon is at 27 Pisces, so it’s a tad like walking around with a Saturn-Moon square constantly on my shoulder.

Today, though, the Sun has his annual catch-up with my Moon and it just so happens that they’re squaring off against Saturn.

This transit – Sun square Saturn – as fleeting as it is, can make for a tough day if you let it. The Sun, you see, is about ego, and Saturn is about duty and responsibility. Very often, in fact almost always, the two concepts are at odds. To complete your duty tends to mean that you are forgoing doing something that you want to do – something that will gratify your ego.

This is also one of those transits where it’s way too easy for you to blame other people for commitments that you’ve made and responsibilities you’ve taken on.

All, however, is not doom and gloom. Mercury and Venus meet up later in the day. If you have a relationship to discuss or a misunderstanding to clear up, there could be a window to do just that.

To help brighten you up or lighten your load, why not make a deal with yourself that you can do something nice for you once you’ve completed the work or tasks you’ve committed to. Write it down and work towards it…Saturn like stuff like that.