Something about a fraction too much friction…


On Monday night, the unthinkable happened. Jock, my Macbook, stopped working. Just. Like. That. Yes, I’ve named my laptop- don’t look at me like that…

I reacted with great emotional strength… ok barely disguised hysteria…and, while hyper-ventilating at the thought of two completed manuscripts plus music, photos, and millions of other words being trapped in the darkness, promptly booked an appointment at the Mac Emergency Ward….ie the local Apple Store Genius Bar.

I felt like I should have sirens blaring as I drove in from the office. Is it recoverable? Would I be kissing goodbye to thousands of hours of work? Did I remember to back up last week?

In Triage (yes, that’s what the technician called it), a diagnosis was made of Kernal Panic.

‘What’s the prognosis?’ I asked, a lump in my throat.

He hesitated before answering, ‘it depends on how diligent you’ve been with your back-ups,’ he said.

The treatment proposed was radical. ‘I have to wipe it completely clean, and do a full restore,’ he said.

I handed over the external hard drive containing what I hope would save my system. Thankfully I had backed up. All I faced losing would be the edits that I’d completed on my book over the weekend.

‘Not many people have such a lucky escape,’ he commented.

I didn’t like to tell him that I was extra paranoid at present because I had Neptune conjunct Mercury, and it’s a little like having a permanent Mercury Rx in your brain. I didn’t think he’d appreciate it.

Anyways, to the sky.

If you’ve been feeling a little like your head doesn’t belong on your shoulders, you’ve been a victim of Neptunitis. Don’t worry, unless, like me, you are in the midst of a Neptune transit, the worst is over.

The Moon is now in Aries, so this means JFDI- no excuses, just flipping do it…whatever it is.

Sure there’ll be the usual square to Pluto, the usual conjunction with Uranus and a battle of wills with Mercury, but you know what, a little spice and challenge can be a good thing…or a fraction too much friction. I guess it depends on your perspective.

Tomorrows forecast? Mostly warm with a storm warning and risk of afternoon tantrums.