Daily Planets

Something about a few changes…and a few cliches…


Venus square Mars

Last time I wrote about this aspect, I’d just booked the Routeburn Track.

I talked about how sometimes you had to put some action into your dreams, conquer your deeply held and (possibly) paranoid fears, put the possibility of failure to one side, and go after what you want.

That was September last year, and Venus was in Scorpio and Mars in Leo.

Fast forward nearly six months, and the Routeburn Track has been done and dusted. It was everything I wanted, and so much more.

Now it’s time for the next stage, and Venus is square Mars again.

Same aspect, very different mood.

This time round, we’re talking Earth and Air. This one is about putting your money where your mouth is, so to speak…and, with the Moon in Aries, you’ll be tempted to do just that. The thing is, with Mars and Saturn retrograde, moving forward requires a little more caution than you might like, and a little more planning…and that’s where todays frustration will come from.

Venus in Capricorn tells us that we can achieve our practical goals and ambitions using experience, and more than a little work. Mars in Libra tells us that collaboration is needed…no man is an island…and all that. Sometimes, though, you have to sacrifice a little personal glory, and extra rung on the ladder, even go back- in order to move forward…and that’s the mood at present.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. The effort you might spend in re-assessing goals at the moment will not be wasted.

Speaking of which, there are some changes afoot here at Jo Tracey astrology.

As I mentioned the other day, I’ll be doing the partition job thing for a few months from next Monday. It’s a full time consultancy gig, so that means that for the next three months, instead of posting each day, I’ll be posting just a few times a week- probably when something interesting is happening up there.

I’ll be popping a few lines up on the Facebook page each day, so drop by there for your daily fix of astro magic…the link is on the sidebar.

Also, we’re all set up here, so pop by to see where the Moon is on a daily basis, and what it all means in terms of your scheduling.

Finally, this also means that (reluctantly) I won’t be doing any client readings for the next few months- what free time I do have will be spent on getting my range of DIY astro workbooks out…albeit a tad later than I had planned.

So there you have it.