Daily Planets

Something about a busy few days in the stars…

Instagram Photo credit @chriscreature Regrammed from @collectivehub
Instagram Photo credit @chriscreature Regrammed from @collectivehub

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had a few occasions for a preview of the upcoming Grand Cross. Over the next couple of days, we’ll have more.

Tomorrow, we have a Full Moon and lunar eclipse in Libra. In the few hours before this is exact, each of the points of the Grand Cross will be stimulated.

I’ll pop something up tomorrow about the Full Moon and eclipse itself, but the preview, the star aspects over the next couple of days, will go something like this:

  • Mercury square Jupiter
  • Mercury conjunct Uranus
  • Mercury square Pluto

And then, the day after the Full Moon:

  • Mercury opposite Mars

In between it all, starting a full 24 hours before the Full Moon, the Moon will make the following aspects:

  • Moon opposite Mercury
  • Moon square Jupiter
  • Moon opposite Uranus
  • Moon square Pluto
  • Moon conjunct Mars

That’s a lot of aspects within a 24 hour period- and they all culminate with the Full Moon.

the chart for the Full Moon
the chart for the Full Moon

Anyone spot the common denominators?

That’s right- Mercury and the Moon.

I could go through what each of these aspects mean individually, but what would be the point in that? This is a bigger arrangement than that and it all works together. Some keywords will help though:

  • The Moon is about emotions and subconscious, unconscious reactions. It’s about what feeds us, and what helps us feel safe and secure.
  • Mercury is about communication, who you communicate with, how you think, how you learn, what you learn and how you learn it.
  • Contacts with Jupiter expand and enlighten. Ask yourself if you’re clinging to an out-dated version of whatever is represented by Mercury and the Moon in your chart. Usually this one is about habits, ideas, viewpoints, perspectives and faith.
  • Contacts with Uranus ask you to look to the future. Again what are you hanging onto that is past its best by date? What is holding you back from being you?
  • Contacts with Pluto eliminate, transform and give power. Ask yourself what you’re hanging onto from the past that you’ve outgrown? As Pluto goes retrograde tomorrow, this is a biggie. Don’t worry, I have a post scheduled for later this afternoon.
  • Contacts with Mars are always about a battle, of some sort- internal or external.

I don’t know about you, but it all sounds to me like a struggle between past and future, faith and pessimism, innovation and habit, individuality and the herd… In between all of that, is a subtext that says that no matter how tough it is, you’ve got to let go of whatever it is that needs to be let go of, and stand up for whatever needs to be stood up for, and believe in whatever needs to be believed in in order to make sense of it all and move forward.

What to do?

  • Identify the areas of life that are ruled by Mars and Mercury- these will be the houses with Cancer, Gemini and Virgo on the cusp. These are the areas of life you should be looking to for clues.
  • Look also at the areas of life being activated by the cross- that will be where 13 Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn is. This is where the action will be happening.
  • Accept that this will bring challenge, and know that with challenge comes potential.

Don’t forget that the wildcard in all of this is Venus- and that little lady is in very nice shape, thank you very much.

It’s Venus that will bring inspiration amongst the perspiration, so don’t be afraid to view the world and, indeed, this whole Grand Cross thing through different eyes. It’s the trine between Venus and Jupiter that will help you with the faith you need to come through the chaos.

Don’t be afraid to see the possibilities of a different perspective- even if it does feel as though you’re currently living from one WTF to the next.