Something about a big idea…

Zodiac signs - Pisces

Tuesday 10 December

Moon in Pisces

Yesterday morning I was disappointed.

Miss 15 and I went for a walk in the rain.

We walked up Bourke Street to Hardware Lane. We walked down Hardware Lane and across Lonsdale Street to Hardware Rd.

We were heading for our favourite Melbourne breakfast haunt- Hardware Societe.

The whole way Miss 15 was salivating about the hot chocolate to beat all hot chocolates that she was about to indulge in. I was thinking that Mexican style eggs could tempt me.

When we got there, the door was locked- with a sign explaining that due to a fire in the neighbouring property, they would be closed for a couple of months.

We were, as I said, disappointed. Until we spied the hole in the wall across the road- Silo.

The food was great, and the coffee reviving…but that’s not what I want to tell you about. The idea, the concept was amazing- almost ahead of its time amazing.

You see, not only is all the produce organic and, where possible, sourced locally, but there is no waste. None. That means no bins. None.

While we were there, we watched one of the kitchen staff head out the front door with 2 big steel buckets. In those buckets was the kitchen waste. The destination was the composting shed in the lane beside the restaurant. This is where the waste is dehydrated and provided back to the producers in the form of fertiliser.

It doesn’t stop there.

On the wall are blackboards listing the daily menu choices and below the coffee counter are large glass jars for the storage of milk.

In the bathroom, a sink over the toilet comes on when you flush, with the clean water from the tap as you wash your hands, draining in to fill the cistern.

A big idea. A progressive idea. An anything is possible idea.

This is a Mercury in Sagittarius idea. It’s a Uranian idea. It seemed fitting that we come across it on a Pisces Moon day.

What was really weird for me, is that my hero, in my latest manuscript, designed a café garden that looks like this café…except that came to me in a dream when Neptune was stationed retrograde conjunct my Mercury. Go figure. I’m glad to see it’s possible, so won’t write that particular scene out now.

Anyways, in the sky today, it’s all about water and possibility.

Todays Pisces Moon will activate the trine between Saturn and Jupiter and will, in fact, form a grand trine.

As I’ve said before, Grand Trines are self contained triangles of incredible potential …they can also be whirlpools of not a lot. It can be the whole “I could do that…” “yeah, but you don’t” wasted potential. It could be the two alcoholics in a bottle shop convincing each other that one more six pack won’t matter. Or it could be the creative who takes a risk and pushes their amazing idea out into the world. With the Pisces Moon square the Sagittarius Sun, it could very well be the latter.

Where’s this happening?

Around 18 degrees of the water signs.

If you choose to use the energy it could be incredible. If you choose not to, it still could be incredible, but probably won’t come to anything.

In any case, it’s all a precursor to the Uranian energy of the next couple of days…more on that tomorrow.