Some stuff about karma, sunroofs and storm-clouds

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© Indigocrow |

There you are sailing down the freeway. The sun is shining through the sunroof, the ipod is plugged in and shuffling only good stuff. Life is good.

Then it happens. Some idiot has broken down and the traffic is piled up from here to eternity.

Venus didn’t get much of a smooth run through Libra before coming hard up against Uranus. Unexpectedly so. Unexpectedly hard.

All of a sudden the road ahead isn’t quite so rosy.

Uranus adds a little quirk, a little unexpected spark. Possibly a little shakeup. And in some cases, a little shaking can be what is required (or not)- especially in relationships. Sameness and perfection can be a little wearing. Check out my post Breaking Free for more on Venus/Uranus aspects.

So you clear the traffic snarl and get set for a clear run when up ahead you see the storm clouds brewing. These aren’t just any storm clouds. These are dark, heavy, all pervasive, low hanging storm clouds- and the sunroof appears to be stuck open… Yep, Venus has run hard into Pluto.

A few months ago I posted some stuff on Venus/Pluto connections. (Check out There’s a Fine Line Between Pleasure and Pain). This aspect can manifest itself as deeply exciting and intensely as a really strong connection- positive power.

Or it can be a subversive, manipulative, obsessive, stalkingly intrusive and downright pitiable attempt to control or possess. With Venus in Libra, the rather nastier intentions may be wrapped up in hearts and flowers and a veneer of gentleness, but with Pluto in the mix, the real intentions are very different-exceedingly selfish and often more about power than love.

One of the most common sets of questions I have coming through as search words begin with “how can I get a (insert appropriate sign here, but the most common one is Aries) man to fall in love with me” or how can I keep my (insert appropriate sign here, but the most common one is Aries) man?” This is Venus/Pluto at play.

This particular Venus/Pluto square is especially potent. Pluto has just come out of months of hibernation where all of his deepest desires and general loathing and petty jealousies have been allowed to bubble and ferment within him. Check out my post It’s a Metamorphosis for the most critical degrees of this transit.

All of this can be used for powerful healing and transformation, but sadly, it is more often the opposite.

Venus in Libra doesn’t like to get her hands dirty or break a nail, and will prefer to get what she wants in an indirect or hidden way. Better yet is to have someone else do your dirty work. Pluto also likes to be subversive wherever possible- together, the combination is downright threatening.

Whichever way you may be tempted to use (or abuse) your power, when it comes to Venus/Pluto squares remember the laws of karma:

Do as you will so long as you hurt no one else, or impede the free will of someone else…and expect whatever you give out to come back threefold…