some more on Saturn transits…

Since last week I have had quite a few questions, emails re what Saturn transits mean. Over the next however long we’ll look at transits through the houses and to the planets, but for now, some technical faff…

How can I tell where Saturn is transiting in my chart?

OK, grab a copy of your birth chart. Got it?

To make it easier to explain, we’ll use my birth chart. Here it is.

Now, look around the wheel and find where Scorpio is in the chart. (Scorpio looks like an M with a devils arrow tail). In my chart this is in the 8th house. While Saturn is in Scorpio it will transit, ie move, through the 8th house and mid way through the 9th.

Saturn is currently in Libra and is already in my 8th house. The flavour of this transit is currently a Libran one. So the Saturn lessons of the 8th house (other peoples money, death, inheritance, taxes etc) currently are around relating patterns and issues of balance and moderation in this area.

When Saturn moves into Scorpio, the intensity will bump up a notch, as will the focus. Scorpio isn’t interested in balance or how nice the spread-sheet that rough budget it is on looks. Issues of trust, power, control and things that have been hidden will be raised in regards to those same 8th house issues.

Saturns’ like that. When he first moved into my 7th house he was in Virgo. Seventh house matters took on a really critical Virgo flavour. Once he moved into Libra, even though it was in the 7th house still, the emphasis shifted to a more balanced approach. Get it?

Regardless of whether you have any planets in Scorpio, for the next 2 ½ years you will have underlying themes of the nature of whatever house Saturn is transiting.

OK, so I know how to do that now, but I have Mercury in Scorpio- does that mean that I will think depressive things for the whole 2 ½ years?

In short, no.

For the time that Saturn is conjunct your Mercury, you may find yourself thinking about things in a more Capricornian way, ie a little more seriously, business-like. You may find melancholia creeps in a little more easily during the period of the transit.

I have planets in Scorpio, so will feel this transit. What about my Aquarius friend?

Everyone will have Saturn transiting one part of their chart- wherever Scorpio is.

Whilst Saturn will conjunct your Scorpio planets, he will form a challenging square to your friends’ Aquarius planets.

  • When Saturn is conjunct a planet or chart point, his energy is fused with that planet. He takes over that planet. His energy is stronger than the planet he is invading. When Saturn is in Scorpio- this will be any other planet in Scorpio. Looking at my chart, I will get a conjunction to Mars early in the piece.
  • When Saturn is opposing a planet or chart point, “someone or something “out there” is doing something to you and furthermore, it’s their fault.” A decision is necessary. When Saturn is in Scorpio, he will oppose any planets you have in Taurus.
  • When Saturn is square a planet or chart point, there is tension and frustration- something happens which will force you “into a mode of action that you have not yet explored…results stimulate actions rather than decisions.” This will be any planets you have in Aquarius or Leo.
  • When Saturn is trine a planet or chart point whatever is going to happen will happen quickly and relatively easily. Obstacles will be removed. This doesn’t mean that it will be good or painless, just that whatever is going to happen will happen quickly and relatively easily! This will be the case with planets in Cancer or Pisces.
  • When Saturn is sextile a planet or chart point opportunities may arise. As there are feminine signs involved (Capricorn and Virgo) something may just drop into your lap. Sounds good? Not necessarily. “If you are not in a position to take up the opportunity, then the sextile can symbolize quite a dramatic event to create the space in your life for new options.”

But how do I know what this means for me?

Check out part 2 for an example!