Week Ahead

Solar Eclipse in Pisces


So anyways, I’ve been absent from this page for a couple of weeks…again. I suspect that this is simply the status quo right now. Rather than committing to a post schedule I can’t adhere to, I’ll be posting when I can- usually in great bursts of creative energy…

My diary, is, I’m sure, just like yours. Mad. We’re all busy. I wrote a bit about what it looks like and the changes I’m considering making over at and anyways. Duck across if you’re interested.

What all of this has taught me is that I can’t do it all. That’s one of the lessons of a Saturn transit. The fact is, self-publishing is a business- and it’s a business that I want to stay in. And that’s where the catch-22 comes in.

I’m not yet earning enough from my books to pay for them-or this website- and certainly not to give up the partition job just yet. To push this along I need to do more marketing and promotion for my novels, yet I don’t have time for that while I’m working full-time and writing part-time…but if I don’t make the time, I won’t earn enough from my books to pay for them- or this website- and write full time.

Is the answer to find a traditional publisher? I don’t think so. I went in this indie direction because I wanted to be responsible for my own results. Is the answer to find an agent? Perhaps, but they tend to want to go via a traditional publisher. I think the solution is definitely along the outsourcing line, but possibly a tad more avant garde in nature. I’ll keep you posted.

As for the week ahead? It can be summed up in one word:


Yep, folks, eclipse season is with us again.

I’ve spoken before about how eclipses don’t necessarily mean that Something will Happen. Things could happen that aren’t necessarily clear or obvious to you just yet, but they will become so- sometimes years down the track. Sometimes it won’t become clear until the next time that point is activated. Sometimes it’s immediately clear. The thing is, eclipses are not necessarily something to be scared of. They can be invigorating, they can be momentous, they can be electrifying and unpredictable- a little like Uranus in nature, a little like Pluto in nature.

I’ll pop something on the New Moon up, but for now, have a look at where 18 Pisces 56’ falls in your chart. This is the part of life that for you will be activated by this eclipse. Have a think too about what was going on for you back in 1998 when this series was last active- although some of you could be too young for that! Other years to consider are 2011 and 2006/7.

To really understand eclipses, you need to look at the pattern, the upcoming cycle, the ones that have gone before and even the ones that occurred before you were born.

And that’s where Big Sky Astrology’s report could be useful for you…

The Moonshadow report is personalised to your chart, and will talk about the aspects being made by eclipses this year and next, the eclipses that have been and the planets that are being aspected…and what it all means for you. Plus there’s info about the eclipses that impacted your chart just before you were born, and general bits and pieces about eclipses.

If you’re interested, click on the link in the right side bar of the website- just above the astro diaries pic…In the interests of full disclosure, I receive a small cut of the proceeds from each sale.

Another confession? The name Moonshadow– reminds me of that song by Cat Stevens…you know the one, the one about being followed by a moon shadow, moon shadow…

I hate the song.

It’s actually towards the top of my top ten most hated songs list- and there’s probably about 50 songs in my top 10 most hated.

So, I hate the song, but I love the report…and the name is absolutely spot on. I purchase one every two years and refer to them each eclipse season and again at the start of the year when I’m mapping my transits

This one is a big eclipse for me personally in that it is just a degree away from my Sun at 20 Pisces. Not only that, it’s just a couple of days from my solar return- a solar return that includes a Sun-Chiron conjunction…for the whole year.

This particular series of eclipses (Saros Series 18South, in case you’re interested in the technicalities) is associated with endings and partings. Indeed, each of the active years in this cycle of eclipses has been associated with partings for me, although the angst and pain of that separation has, as Bernadette Brady writes in The Eagle and the Lark been tempered by exciting new opportunities opening up. And open up they have.