Cancer Moon

So Yesterday- DIY Cancer New Moon


Normally at the Cancer New Moon, I talk a bit about home. Last year I think it was about the painting I was doing.

This year my head is full of mamma bear stuff- I wrote about that yesterday.

The Cancer Moon is about all those things. It’s about home, family, nurturing, the past, yesterday, holding onto what you know, treasuring what

Under the Cancer Moon it is easy to dwell on the past, to hang on to an idea, a theory, a relationship, a habit long past its use by date- in fact often until it resembles something like what used to be zucchinis that you found lurking in the bottom of your fridge vegie drawer.

And that’s all perfectly understandable (not the manky zucchinis, but the hanging on bit). What we know, the stuff in our past, the stuff from our families, whether it is good or bad, it’s comfortable. These things represent the boundaries of our comfort zone. We find ourselves clinging to them, too afraid to let go. It’s like being so uncomfortable in a job or relationship and knowing that things have to change, but choosing only to see the occasional glimpses of remember whens as a reason to hang on.

Yet, in order to continue to grow, to flourish, we have to let go. We have to step outside the things that make us feel comfortable and go it on our own terms. On the other hand, some things in our life can really do with a little extra feeding and watering…the difference is a fine but important one.

The Moon is now in the balsamic phase, so if ever there was a shot at letting go, it is now. This is the Moon’s New Moon, so what better time to start a new cycle than with a clean slate and no attachments- and yes, I know that it’s easier said than done.

Cancer New Moons always bring issues of mother, home, family and self- nutrition (and that doesn’t have to mean the fridge and chocolate variety) to the forefront. New Moons allow for a fresh burst of energy. I would suggest that at this New Moon you go with that energy- or the Universe will shift you in some other way.

My astro pal Clementine, in her blog, talked a lot about self care- how we tend to look after others before looking after our own needs. Like in airline security when they tell you to fit your own mask first. It’s something we forget. It’s something we as mothers forget- and not just those of us who are mothers in the literal sense of the word, but those of us who are mothering something, anything within us or without us.

Clementine also talked about how this year has so far been a seemingly endless line of personal planet retrogrades. This current one by Mercury is our, as she said it, is our last pit stop before completing all the laps of our personal awareness campaign. It’s fitting that it culminates now.

From here, it’s about putting it all together.

So, what does this mean for you?

This evenings (Sydney time) New Moon falls at 5 Cancer 37’…or thereabouts.

By now you should know how to personalize this.

As a refresher, for your New Moon story:


  • Look at where 5 Cancer is in your chart. In my case, it’s the 4th house. Look for the two tadpoles.
  • Look for planets or chart points lying between 3-7(ish) of Cancer, Libra, Aries or Capricorn. The New Moon will be conjunct, square or opposite these.
  • Look for planets of chart points lying between 3-7 of Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus and Virgo. The New Moon will be trine or sextile these.
  • Know what part of life the Moon natally rules for you- this will be the house that has Cancer on the cusp.

In my case:


The Moon is trine Mercury in my 12th house, and Mars in my 8th. The Moon natally is in my 1st.

The Moon is transiting my 4th house. It’s definitely bringing up a lot of literal issues around home and motherhood that I won’t get into here.

What is important is that these are all water houses and what Stephen Arroyo (in his amazing Chart Interpretation Handbook) called The Psychic Trinity. He said that these houses deal with the past, with conditioned responses, how we operate on an emotional level, and what is going on with our subconscious. These houses are about consciously assimilating the essence of the past, while letting go of the memories and fears that hold us back. These houses represent yearnings, how we fulfil private needs and confront obsessive feelings.

It’s about action on the emotional and soul level (4th), the need for emotional and soul security (8th) and Learning at the emotional and soul level (12th)- and finding a sort of peace through freedom from the ghosts of past thoughts and actions.

I’ve paraphrased heavily, but it’s so appropriate right now- and is the very nature of a Cancer New Moon amplified in my chart. As Neptune is still conjunct natal Mercury, this 12th house, Neptunian theme is particularly strong.

To fill the last piece of my puzzle, we need to look at the houses ruled by each of these planets- this is where the outcomes will be.

The Moon (as always) rules my 5th, Mars rules my 2nd and 8th, and Mercury my 4th and 7th.

Try it for yourself- and given that this is Cancer we’re talking about, go deep within.