so this is christmas…

It’s early Christmas morning here in Australia.

I’m sitting here having a cuppa and a shortbread while I wait for Miss T to wake. Outside the breeze is getting up, so I’m hoping it’s the southerly change coming through to cool things off.

For those of us here in Oz, the Taurus Moon will be helping us indulge our appetites and appreciate what’s under the Christmas tree- at least until after the plum pudding’s been eaten. For those of you in the Northern hemisphere, most of you will be starting Christmas Day under a social Gemini Moon.

If you want to know what our Christmas Day looks like, check out this link Twas the Night Before Christmas.

To all my readers- both regulars and occasional- thank you for coming by. Regardless of your faith or how you celebrate this time of the year, I wish you all possible peace, love and light- both now and into 2013.