So Flamboyant- Venus in Leo

© Ken Cole |
© Ken Cole |

I wish I had Venus in Leo.

Sure, I wish for lots of things- a smaller bum, fewer jiggly bits, and possibly a cm or 2 of extra height. Usually I like my Venus in Aries- she knows what she wants. Sure quite often I don’t have the courage to go and get it, but that is another story. I like my red accessories (hands up any woman with venus in Aries who doesn’t have at least one red bra??? Too much information???).

At the moment, though, I wish Venus was elsewhere for me. Possibly somewhere that feels girly and wants to play dress ups, somewhere where attention is sought rather than hidden from, somewhere where she doesn’t mind a little pain and suffering in the name of beauty.

You see I have this big “thing” on next weekend- a day at the races. That means a day in a dress and probably heels. Given that I rarely do the dressing up thing, I feel odd when I do…Venus in Aries far prefers to dress for comfort and action… and the whole idea of girly outfit planning is a little more faffing than what I would normally like to do. But my bestie is over from Perth, and the occasion is worthy of a celebration and a little irresponsibility, so…

Anyways, I have the dress, I have the shrug thing (thanks to the best next door neighbour in the world) and I have the accessories. Nothing race day-ish is going in my hair (Venus in Leo would looove to make a big thing of hair, and whilst I have a mane most Leo’s would be proud of, there is so much of it that a stray feather would go missing very quickly). In any case, I still remember that episode of Kath and Kim where they go to the races, get a tad messy and find little bits of carrot in the fascinator….eeeeuw. Too much information again?

Venus in Leo loves colour and style, she loves brands, she loves bling and she accessorises with flair and flamboyance. If she has bits that are worth showing off, she will make sure that she does. If you’ve got it Baby, you might as well flaunt it!

She loves brands, gold and all things fit for a queen. I dare say that Venus in Leo would not be caught dead shaking her mane out of the towel as she walks out the door, relying on the open sunroof to do the job of the hair dryer.

Venus in Leo is proud of herself, she is generous with her warmth and she is absolutely fabulously flamboyant where more is more and less is so very much less…and the way she looks brings so much attention and her life is a show and a day without fame is a waste.

Hmmm…maybe if I hold my tummy in very tight and have some decent red lippie, I just might be able to pull it off.

Anyways, here is the link to the ultimate Venus in Leo song- Flamboyant by who else but the Pet Shop Boys…