Slipping Through My Fingers


Tomorrow is Mothers Day, and I posted something about Mothers Day and the Moon and Mum etc yesterday.

The day is about our kids, the 5th house- but not just the snotty nosed fruits of our loins (naturally my gorgeous 14 year old is no longer snotty nosed)- appreciating those who created their privileged existence and brought them kicking and screaming into reality. The 5th house is about everything we give birth to and take a risk on- in both a creative, literal or figurative way.

Think about this one. You’ve written a book (oh no, wait, that’s me…), you’re growing a business, you’ve created a new enterprise. Each of these involves nurturing, and each involves taking a risk, or two. In each case you have taken the idea from a mere glimmer in the eye and given birth to something new and pretty damn special.

Traditionally astrologers would look to the 5th house for fertility- the sign on the cusp, the condition of the ruler, aspects with the Moon, planets within that house.

Of all the signs, the water signs are said to be most fertile. The presence of Jupiter and easy aspects to the Moon would enhance that. But before you rush away and look at your charts, there is much much more to using astrology as an indication of fertility. Much more. Likewise the whole thing about Jupiter and Moon aspects and breast size (that one I have found to be right, but we aren’t going there. Ahem).

Conversely, contrary to popular opinion, Saturn in the 5th doesn’t mean that you will never have children but rather that you either may delay it and/or take the responsibility of kids very seriously (as indeed we should). I have one friend with Virgo on the cusp of the 5th, Saturn within the 5th and four children. As I said, there is a lot more to it.

Fertility doesn’t necessarily mean children. It may mean that you are highly creative, or have other more metaphorical children that you develop and then set free into the world.

As an example, I have Cancer (a very fertile sign) on the cusp of my 5th house, Jupiter within it in mutual reception to my Moon in fertile Pisces. I have one child, and didn’t give birth to her until I was 31. That one really threw a lot of astrologers when I was training. I was once asked by one whether I was sure about that. Ummmm, yes. Really? Yep, just the one.

I am, however, for want of a more appropriate word, prolific when it comes to creative output. This is where I take risks, and this is also where I wrap my babies (my books) up in the cotton wool of my very stylish mac computer- just in case someone out there says something nasty that will hurt their feelings.

So, this Mothers Day, celebrate your own 5th house- and let whatever little buggers that lurk within nurture you for the day.

Oh, and the title of this post is an Abba song that always makes me cry, especially when I think about just how quickly my own little snot rag is growing. Awwww…..She just says (when I tear up)….”whatever”.