Signs, a little magic and how to think like a Piscean

Professor Dumbledore
Professor Dumbledore

Harry Potter is a Leo. In fact, it’s his birthday today- July 31.

According to one article I read this afternoon on (the link is here), he has a Scorpio Ascendant and his Moon in the last degree of Pisces (which the writer felt was the perfect degree and position for sacrifices of love…awwwww). And yes, before you all write in and tell me that there are other times out there, and a million different arguments, I happen to like this one.

Why? It just seems to fit with the whole magician thing. Do I need another reason? I also happen to think that Dumbledore was a Scorpio/Pisces mix…the Scorpio bit because of the power and manipulation stuff, and the Pisces because… well, that is another story entirely and possibly just because at present I am seeing this mix in all sorts of places.

Anyways, back to Harry. I saw the movie today- HP7- and loved it to pieces. A fitting end to the saga. I found myself sobbing (to the amusement of husband and child) at the (what I thought were) appropriate places and, as a fan of the books, was well chuffed with the screen portrayal.

Other than the random fact that Harry is a Leo, there was one line in the movie which really spells out the mood of the moment and, to me, tied in Harry’s Pisces Moon nicely.

Harry says something like: Is this real or is it happening inside my head?

Dumbledore: Of course it’s happening inside your head Harry. Why should that mean it’s not real?

Dumbledore thinks like a Piscean. I rest my case.

And with Mercury opposite Neptune at present, the words and creativity are flowing for me too. Why? Because Mercury at present has a decidedly Piscean flavour- much like my own.

What Dumbledore said, I get- really get. But I also get, that that is not necessarily how most people think. I know a few others with Pisces Mercury, or 12th house Mercury that will also really get this.

Mercury will be retrograde in a couple of days. Traditionally the retrograde period is one where my imagination and my intuition is enhanced. Mercury is acting more like I need it to act. When Mercury is retrograde, all the mercurial thought patterns are turned on their heads, so to speak. You live in your head more. Stuff happens in there that doesn’t necessarily happen out there, if you know what I mean. And I find that pretty cool.

Sure I’m prone to the same type of SNAFUs over this time as everyone else is, but they are usually as a result of not reading the fine print, not checking the detail, not re-confirming…the usual common sense type stuff…and I don’t need a retrograde for crap like that to happen. It just does. Whatever.

For people with stronger Mercuries than me, unless you allow yourself to go with it, you will strike trouble. For people who are used to rationalising more, checking the details more and thinking a little more in reality than what I do, try going with it and seeing what happens.

When you go with the flow things happen that you otherwise wouldn’t notice, and rather than questioning it “Oh My God it must be a sign”, you accept that it is and take it on board. Easy. For me, they come in groups of 3- the same name 3 times- on a billboard, the character in a book, arranged on a scrabble board; the same topic in a newspaper, magazine or blog, someone saying something similar. Sure it’s something that’s happening inside my head, but it’s also real…and it’s intuitive. But all too often I am far too busy trying to think the right way around to recognise stuff like this, let alone go with it.

So for the next few weeks. That’s what I’m going to try and do. Forget how I am supposed to think and do it the way my chart intended me to. After all, with everyone else so busy fixing computers and cars and timetables and holiday plans, it’s not like any of you are going to notice right?

Oh, and don’t forget your New Moon wishes…if you haven’t already made them. I did, but I’m not telling… 🙂

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  1. Jo, my uber uber uber air son (tight SU ME conj in GE just one bit of all his air) just told me that his memories felt like dreams, and he couldn’t work out at which point he woke up. I thought of you and this and ME NE opp when he said it.

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