Shit Happens…

Byron Bay Lighthouse
Byron Bay Lighthouse

What I’m about to say might get me struck off the astrological register- if indeed there is an astrological register that I am currently on (which I very much doubt).

Sometimes shit just happens.

Yep, it does.

Take the other day for example- I reversed into the garbage bin- one of those tall green weekly collection ones. Thankfully because we had been away there wasn’t a lot to spew out over the road for me to pick up. In any case, it was the fault of the garbage truck company because they usually come at 5 flipping am, and here it was 11am and no garbage truck.

So, I reversed into the bin, had to pick it all up, had to explain to husband who had seen it all happen that no there was no damage to my car- the scratch on that fender had been there for like ages.

An Astro friend asked me what transits I was having. Excuse me, but hello? I reversed into a garbage bin. Shit happens. My transit email for the day advised me to make sure that perceived problems and limitations were real (yep, the garbage bin was there) and if so, what could be done to change it (ummmm move the bin or be careful where I was driving?).

I’m often asked things like:

  • So should I take notice of the little guys?
  • What’s more important? Progressions or major transits?

The answer is not that clear cut.

Today I have transiting Venus square Pluto. Oh, that’s gotta be a scary one, I hear you say. Why? It’s only going to last a couple of days and then it will be gone. A couple of bad hair days and a few days where I need to make sure that I don’t believe false promises and send my account details to that lovely man in Africa who just needs some help in claiming his inheritance.

Sure this is all very tongue in cheek, but usually personal planet transits (ie transits of the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus…I’ll deal with Mars shortly) to points and planets in your birthchart will usually only bring a few good or bad hair days, maybe a great opportunity to talk to your boss about whatever issue you need to bring up, or the need to check your appointment book closely. In general, any bad stuff that happens can fall into the shit happens category.

When I say usually and in general, I mean unless that personal planet transit happens to hit the same spot that a larger, longer, big banger is making to your chart. Then that personal transit can trigger something else. Mars transits have the potential to fall into both the shit happens camp and the shit hits the fan category.

Here’s an example. Back in April 2008, Uranus was conjunct my natal Sun. This is classed by us astrologers as a major transit- as is any transit involving Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto to any of the smaller guys. Especially if by conjunction, square, opposition or inconjunct (yep, I’ve just lately started noticing this one turns up on the biggies)

From memory this was the 1st or 2nd pass. Things had been jumpy, but nothing earth shattering had happened. On the day in question the following transits were impacting my chart:

  • Venus was sitting at 0 Aries, so conjunct natal Saturn
  • Neptune was squaring itself & had been (& would be) on & off for a while
  • Uranus conjunct my Sun was opposite natal Pluto which is exactly inconjunct natal Venus (this is important)
  • Saturn was pretty close to opposing natal Mercury
  • Jupiter was applying to oppose itself
  • The Sun was conjunct natal Venus…and so was the Moon.
  • There was also some stuff happening with progressions & solar arcs, but that would be too much information.

I was in Hong Kong for work the first time, and had predicted an exciting and really cool trip. And it was (except for an incident between my finger and a fire door), until I came home.

I arrived home the day the Sun and Moon were both conjunct Venus ie a New Moon. Surely a nice thing? Nope, I was jetlagged, under-slept, received unexpected news that broke my heart and kicked the bottom out of my world…and came home to find that my kitchen renovations had started and there was a gaping hole where my kitchen used to be- to match the gaping hole where the guts and trust that had been torn out used to be. I honestly don’t think I had cried as hard in years- which of course swelled my nose and eyes up in a rather unattractive manner & ruined the Sun conjunct Venus you will shine transit.

A New Moon on Venus should have been nice, but instead will go down in history as one of the worst days of my life, so far. Why? The New Moon activated that natal Venus/Pluto inconjunction which set off all of the aspects Uranus had been cultivating- without warning, like fireworks. The resultant square also activated the Jupiter opposition- so the loss of hope was sudden and decisive.

And here’s the other thing- there was nothing that I could have done, no pre-emptive actions that I could have taken, that would have made what happened any less painful than it was. Knowing that I had those transits coming up, I had been alert, but in no way would I have predicted what went down. Have I changed anything? Not really. I forgave, and I would trust again- that is part of who I am- although I am a tad more watchful. The structures and feelings that collapsed that day, pushed me out of a zone I had been comfortable in for too long. So the parts of me that needed to learn reliance and individuation, were changed forever- which was the point of that Uranus-Sun conjunction.

The message? Most personal transits will be, dare I say it, transitory, but take notice of anything that activates a major transit or a progression. These triggers can’t be under-estimated.

The Moon and Mars are often culprits when it comes to lighting of fuses, so keep an extra close eye on these in combination with a major transit. Mars transits often signal endings, and in this case, he was pretty close to a square with where all the action was happening.

And todays’ Venus/Pluto square? My little example above constitutes the types of things that you probably shouldn’t say (and will later regret) under this transit, but you know what? Shit happens.

Having said that, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the opposition games between transiting Mars and natal Mercury over the next day or so…