Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will…

Living a creative life is freaking scary.

What you’re expressing is your soul, your inner life, something that you nurture and grow within you, before taking the risk to send it out into the world.

What if no one gets it, likes it, reads it, buys it, appreciates it?

That’s the thing about creativity, about art. At some point you have to trust that you’ve done enough and let it leave home. You have to stand proudly in front of it, and pretend that you’re full of confidence when in fact you’re anything but.

Why am I talking about this?

Because tomorrow we have a Full Moon, and it’s in Leo…and Leo is associated with the 5th house, with creativity, self expression. It’s also about ego, glory and recognition. When we go public, when we release our “babies” into the world, we’re risking all of these things.

The thing is none of this can exist in isolation. Ambitions for personal glory must be balanced against the responsibilities we have to society. What can we give back? What should we give back? At what point do we draw the line between what we give and what we receive?

Wherever 26 Leo and 26 Aquarius lie in your chart is where you need to look at the balance between these two areas of life.

As with all things, this is easier said than done. Both Aquarius and Leo are fixed signs. The ego is fixed and ideas are fixed. The balance point is somewhere in between…in a place of self-love and acceptance.


Completing a T square to this Full Moon is Saturn in Scorpio, representing the fixed fears and paranoia we’ve been talking about.

As always, when we see a T square, we look for a release point- in the case of this Full Moon we Mars…trine the Sun/Mercury and sextile the Moon. Opportunities abound to do something about whatever it is that is stopping you from shining. Perhaps you need help, or perhaps there are contacts and connections that can assist.

How do we get through this? How do we reach out and find the balance?

Leo is aligned with the 5th house, with play, creativity, self-expression and the inner child. In this whirl of modern living it is that inner child which is forgotten- if indeed he/she ever really existed. It is that inner child that is drowned out by all the authority figures telling us what it is that we should be doing, what we should be wearing, who we should be seeing etc.

Think about this honestly- when was the last time that you let yourself have fun- simply because you really wanted to? Guilt free, fuss free, judgement free, responsibility free fun?

What about this one- when was the last time you picked up your hobby, and I don’t mean planted your bum on the lounge and watched a game on the TV? By hobby, I mean something that allows you to creatively express yourself. We all have a 5th house, and we all have something that is creative if we could only give ourselves permission to indulge in it.

So, this Full Moon, I’d like you to do two things for me:

  • Confront a fear- look it square in the eyes, shine a torch on it and laugh at it.
  • Do something creative or fun. Anything. If you’re writing, don’t edit yourself. If you’re painting, let the colours happen. If you’re designing, see what shapes emerge.

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