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Over on the and anyways blog, I got one of those “most inspiring blogger awards”. Part of the rules were that I had to divulge 7 things about myself and nominate 15 blogs that I love. It’s a lovely way of recognising those that we like to read and who bring something of themselves into our lives.

I ended up splitting between some astro blogs and some non astro.

Anyways, the 7 things and the nominations are below…in case you’re interested…

So, firstly, 7 random things about me:

  1. I don’t like shopping. I make exceptions for foreign countries and Melbourne.
  2. I have this thing about crowds.
  3. I used to be a rugby league referee
  4. My first job was in a Wendys Ice Creamery- I can still dip a mean choctop- there is an art to it.
  5. I gag on pumpkin and potato mashed together- actually, I even gag on pumpkin soup that hasn’t been blended properly.
  6. My dream job title would be Author/World Traveller
  7. I don’t like cake…or lollies.

And now the bloggers I’m nominating- in no particular order. Some are health and fitness bloggers, some are established bloggers, some are new bloggers, some are Astro bloggers, some are travel bloggers…but all are bloggers that I enjoy reading. I wish I could choose more!

  1. Kai Chronicles– all about food, health, travel and diet as medicine
  2. Travelling Bag– tales of an insatiable traveller. I’m loving following Pam’s countdown to the Himalayas.
  3. Diet Schmiet– it is as is says on the can- a blog about diet- or rather not dieting. Deb also has another site which is also worth a look.
  4. Pixelrites– Dianne writes about words and synchronicity. Very beautifully.
  5. The Beas Knees– healthy living, healthy relationships and more besides
  6. Gypsy Life– I’m loving following her road trip
  7. Big Words Blog– words, love, life and gin…
  8. That Space in Between– loss, grief, family and everything in between
  9. Giving Back Girl-life…with purpose.
  10. Julie Demboski’s Astrology– for Astro fans…I respect Julie’s work. A lot.
  11. Big Sky Astrology– April Elliott Kent is my go to reference for anything on eclipses- and has written a couple of damn fine books too.
  12. Lua Astrology– Leah’s blog is another of my faves
  13. Oxford Astrologer– I’ve only recently come across this one, but love Christina’s posts.
  14. Astrology Wheel– another newbie on my list, but another who looks at real life stuff. I like that.
  15. Sally Kirkman– her monthly forecasts are uncannily spot on

Anyways, to the skies. In the early hours of this morning we hadVenus square Uranus. And something hugely important in my life blew wide open- unexpected and unwelcome news. I’m not yet ready to talk about it- there’s only so much sharing that can go on in these pages, but I do feel as though the rug has been pulled out from under me.  In any case, I have faith that all will be ok. How can it not?

The New Moon is still a few hours away- close to 2am in the morning Sydney time, so still time to set those New Moon intentions. By mid morning (Sydney time), La Luna will have moved into Virgo- the perfect place for avoiding anything emotional by dealing with detailed stuff. I’m planning a bit of a de-clutter buzz and an ebay blitz.


  1. Thanks for all the blogs you enjoy, I’ve got alot to read now. I love Cristina Liard too. She’s spot on as well.

  2. Congrats on the award. Hang in there – one of the positives of being the Fabulous Fishies, we can swim upstream, do the deep waters and go with the tides and all types of weather ! Float on Jo !

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