Set Sail- Jupiter in Pisces

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I may have said it before, but I do some of my best thinking at altitude. Not sure whether it is the fact that things seem clearer or whether it is the noise reducing headphones that send me into a world of my own or just that I have no choice other than to think, but I have more a-ha moments on a plane than at any other time.

So it was the other week during the 5 hour flight to Perth. I had eaten what passes for breakfast on Qantas cattle class flights, watched the movie and predictably cried at the happy/sad bits. All that was left to do was think- I couldn’t put it off any longer- and, with the worst Mercury in existence, tucked away in Pisces in the 12th house, I do tend to put off thinking as long as possible. What sprang into my brain was the realisation that I am at this point in time in exactly the same position as I was 12 years ago.

OK, there are some minor differences- at the end of 1997 I was 6 months pregnant, working in the Finance industry and contemplating a potential redundancy, career change, and some time off through maternity leave. Fast forward 12 years and I am probably the same weight as I was when 9 months pregnant, feel as though I am preparing to give birth to something life changing and contemplating what I want to be doing when I grow up. As I said- I am in exactly the same position now as I was then.

Twelve years ago Jupiter was in my 12th house- where it had been for the whole of my pregnancy. For a Jupiter ruled triple Pisces, this was 12th house confinement at its absolute most literal. By the time Jupiter crossed my ascendant and squared my midheaven/IC I was a mother with all the life changes to home, public self and relationships that the word “Mummy” implies.

Jupiter moves into Pisces in the next few weeks- January 19 to be precise- and I, for one, am excited. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and revels in the lack of structure, lack of boundaries that is Pisces. In Pisces, Jupiter really can expand beyond all previous limitations. Pisces likes to dream and to feel, while Jupiter just wants to say “yes”. When Jupiter is active in your chart, opportunities just happen- the trick is in recognising them and choosing to take what is offered. And that is incredibly exciting.

Naturally it doesn’t follow that all things will be great and good. Jupiter makes things bigger and can make them happen quicker, so giving into the wrong types of temptation can also get you into one heck of a lot of trouble very quickly! The sign and position of your natal Jupiter will give you an indication as to how easily you accept risk and opportunity… mine is in the 5th house making trines to a 9th house Neptune and a 1st house Pisces Moon & Sun- boundaries are fluid and running the gauntlet makes life interesting. When Jupiter is active in your chart, it really can be a case of “be careful what you wish for”.

Think about which area of life Jupiter is transiting for you- where were you 12 years ago, what was happening for you then? Are there any similarities to what is happening now? Over the next couple of weeks, I will look at Jupiter’s transits through each of the houses and how you can make the most of the opportunity which Jupiter brings.


  1. I, too, am looking forward to Jupiter “sailing” into Pisces’ waters. Jupiter co-joins my ASC exact on 1 Feb and my wish is out there 🙂
    Where was I 12 years ago – just like you Jo in exactly the same place. This time twelve years ago my family home had just sold after my spilt with my then husband of 25 years. I was in the middle of packing and preparing to downsize into a 2 bedroom unit with my son.
    Where am I now – just a bit ahead of myself having just recently made another huge move (equally emotional I may add) and again downsized from my own small 3 bedroom home into a 3 bedroom unit with my sister.
    What followed was my “discovery” of astrology. This time around I am putting it out to the universe to make a living from full time astrology work.
    Over to you Jupiter – and yes “be careful what you wish for” !!!!

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