September Stars


Wow, September already! It’s birthday season for Virgo, and for many of us, the Sun in Virgo is a time when we’re tempted to make-over (or at least do a little light de-cluttering) something- our diets, our wardrobes, our budgets, our homes. In my case it’s the garden. Seriously, how many weeds can one garden grow?

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Happy Birthday to you. Jupiter- the planet of luck and expansion- has moved into your sign. He’ll be here for about 12mths. Jupiter usually brings with him opportunities for growth. Your job is to say yes to what is being offered- if you want to, of course. If it feels like something is just around the corner, you’re right…it is.


With Mars and Venus doing a bit of a tango in your friendship zone, your social life might be running hot. Enjoy it, but take care to leave some energy reserves in your tank. If your budget has been feeling a little constrained of late, there could be relief coming your way mid September.


Restrictive Saturn moves out of your sign on 19th September. That’s the good news. The better news is that he won’t be back in Scorpio for another 28 years. The even better news is that if things have been feeling a tad restrictive- especially on the work front- they could start to loosen up, allowing you to use the boost of Mars in this area to move ahead.


With Mars and Venus amping up the energy in your travel sector, if you’ve been dreaming of a holiday, an adventure, or a course in something that will blow your mind, September is a good time to do something about it. Use the energy of the New Moon on September 13th to set intentions around taking your career to the next level.


What can I say? It’s tax time. September is arguably the best month of the year to get your finances in order. It’s also a great month to take relationships to a more intense level- if you’re so inclined. This could mean a greater commitment or deeper understanding in an existing relationship. It might also mean a soulful connection or merging with someone new.


Both Venus and Mars are playing about in your relationship and partnership zone for much of September. Venus adds a little sweetness wherever she goes, and Mars adds some oomph. If there’s been misunderstandings over the last few weeks, these could be cleared up around 5th September.


If you’ve been feeling that your get up and go has got up and gone, your health and fitness zone is receiving some much needed energy in September. If you need to spring clean your routines, the work you do now will set you up for a healthier summer. The New Moon on September 13th brings the focus into your relationship zone. Perhaps it’s time for a health check in that area of life too?


With both pleasure loving Venus and action loving Mars in the party zone of your chart, your focus is on balancing work and play. This month is about setting your creative and expressive urges free. Single Rams might also find themselves ready to fall in love…or lust. Attached Rams could find new ways to bring a little spark back.


The Sun in Virgo makes September a little like make-over month, so if you’ve been feeling like your home needs a little spruce up, why not take advantage of Jupiter amping up your creative zone to add a little something more to your space. The presence of Mars in this area of life will also give you the boost you need to deal with any family or house-mate related issues.


It’s Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere, and that means Spring cleaning. It’s time for a little de-cluttering- after all, you’ll need the space for this seasons fashions. Be ruthlessly critical when deciding what to keep and what to throw. If it no longer suits or fits, you don’t need to keep it.


Are you feeling a little overdrawn in your energy reserves? It could be time to spoil yourself. You don’t need to break the budget, but a little something fresh and special might give you the pick-me-up you need. If you’ve been considering a course in something, the New Moon on September 13th could point you in the right direction.


Action planet Mars is in your sign for most of September. This can feel a little like an energy reboot- and it’s just for you. Just to keep the party going a little longer, pleasure planet Venus is also here. If you need to makeover your cosmetics stash or wardrobe, wait no longer. Your new look is out there waiting for you.

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