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Sense and Sensibility: Cancer Through the Houses Pt 2

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First a warning- this post will make a lot of references to “emotional attachment” and “deep feeling”…but what else would you expect from a Cancer post?

The Moon rules Cancer, and the Moon is, as we know, about our emotions, vulnerabilities, insecurities and the way in which we react when we don’t think about things first- the way we react unconsciously, the way we react from the heart. Which reminds me, in any Cancer post there will be references also to hearts and souls and roots.

It is this unconscious reaction that becomes important when we talk about the 7th house and 7th house people. Sure, the 7th house is our primary relationships, but it is also where we find our enemies- well those who declare themselves to us, anyway (the back stabbing nasties who gossip about us while presenting a perfect smile to our faces are in the 12th house).

Being opposite to the Ascendant, the 7th house can also represent those parts of ourselves that we don’t show the world, or our weaknesses. It is often these needs that we project onto a partner (the whole concept of opposites attract, perhaps?) or the qualities that we look for in a long term relationship. It is also these things that we see in our enemies. These are possibly also the qualities that we may feel we are lacking and need in order to make us whole.

When I think of my enemies, or at least the ones I know about- and people who know me know that my radar is pretty crappy- there is always some jealousy or envy at the root of my feelings. Some quality that I lack that they have- or at least that I think they have- and vice versa. We project our weaknesses into the 7th house.

With Cancer on the cusp of the 7th your emotional attachment to your life partner is strong indeed- as is your ability to hold a grievance against your enemies. As with all things 7th house, this can also go the opposite way and you may find yourself with someone who you “mother” or who “mothers” you- emotional dependency can go both ways.

With Cancer on the cusp of the 7th, you are Capricorn Rising, so ambitious, practical and hard working. What you need, is someone who will help you get in touch with your emotions and sensitivity. Through partnership you learn about support and emotional nutrition. Through partnership your deepest emotional needs are met and through time bonds are strengthened.

Cancer on the cusp of the 8th house

Sex, Death, taxes, inheritances, money of the partnership and transformative stuff

These may be areas of life that you simply don’t want to discuss or think about. In fact, you may be overly concerned about 8th house issues and worry excessively about death and excessive debts. As for sex- what happens between the sheets stays between the sheets- no Sex and the City type conversations here. As for debts and possessions, with Cancer on the cusp of the 8th, you are slow to trust and slow to share or risk joint resources. You will withdraw emotionally while you decide whether or not to make the ultimate commitment.

Cancer on the cusp of the 9th house

Travel, Learning, Spirituality, Philosophy

Whatever it is you believe in, you will have an emotional attachment to those beliefs (I did warn you about the number of times I would make that reference in this piece). With Cancer on the cusp of the 9th you can make a home wherever you travel- unlike the gardenias I am trying to move from my front yard to the back, your roots transplant easily.

Cancer on the cusp of the 10th house

The 10th is about career, public life, reputation and status in the world

Guess what? You have strong emotional attachment to your career, your reputation and the status you hold in the world. Surprised?

From a career viewpoint you do will in teaching others to help themselves- like that saying about buy a man some fish and he’ll have dinner versus buy him a fishing rod and he’ll never be hungry…or something like that.

Anyways, regardless of whether you have the fish or the fishing rod, with Cancer on the cusp of the 10th you worry more about your reputation and supposed slights to your status or respect than may be warranted.

Cancer on the cusp of the 11th house

The 11th is about friends, social circles, community and organisations

You like to do your entertaining at home. You aren’t one for fancy pancy formal dinner parties but love nothing more than having a barbecue (or something equally as casual) with friends and family…or others you are especially emotionally attached to- there I got in another one! In fact, with this placement, close friends can be very like family- and you will look after them and feed them as such. At a Cancer gathering, no matter how informal, there is always plenty of food!

If you are involved with charities or other community organisations, you will be attached to the cause and work hard for the underdog.

Cancer on the cusp of the 12th house

The 12th is about the hidden things in life- where you escape to, what brings you undone, secret enemies and back-stabbing bitches

Cancer on the cusp of the 12th is very like having the Moon in the 12th or even like having the Moon in a Balsamic phase. You hide your emotions as much as possible and this may very well be the scene of your undoing. You feel often as if you are taken for granted or misunderstood, but that is because you have so much trouble expressing your emotional needs. This may also give you a “whatever” air when it comes to others or a “poor me” outlook when it comes to imagined or real slights. Yet for all that you are generous- but do have problems letting reciprocal generosity into your life.

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