Saturn-Sun transits…again…

Ok, checking in quickly…

I’ve had a few Scorpio peeps over the last few weeks ask me about Saturn/Sun transits…

I’m too madly busy to reply to each of you, but, here are the links to the posts:

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I know part of what I actively do is look for some sunshine through the shit- that’s my 5th house Jupiter and all my Neptune speaking. It’s not designed to be patronising or dismissing- it’s just me doing the fake it till you make it, look real hard for the bright side thing. It’s one of the reasons that personally I have difficulties with Saturn transits- because I don’t deal well with reality and maturity.

Having said that, I know a lot of you are frightened by this particular transit- Saturn does that, and many Scorpios (although, before you write to me, I know that doesn’t mean all of you) naturally look harder at the tunnel than the light. So, some war stories from the first few degrees. Bear in mind, all experiences differ and will depend a lot on your relationship to Saturn, Saturns’ position in your chart, the house being transited, and even the fact that self fulfilling prophecies do have a dreadful habit of coming true- as I always say, be careful what you wish for.

Mr T has just completed his Saturn/Sun transit. At the same time as I had Saturn/Mars. Guess what, we’re both still standing. It was a couple of very busy weeks- manic even. I’ve taken on some new responsibilities which are weighing me down at the moment, but should long term bear fruit. So has he. His Sun is in the 6th and Saturn is in Capricorn (conjunct Jupiter…poor bugger) in the 10th (and rules the 10th) natally, so work was always going to be the focal point of this transit. Mr T tends to treat most things with a healthy dose of resignation- you get that with a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction- and tends not to fight it as much as I do.

He had some pretty good wins as a result of some structured pre-planning. Recognition and respect for work done in the past. Very Saturn.

Another early degrees Scorpio friend has been ploughing away doing all hours possible. It’s been months of a never ending contract negotiation. Saturn is now a degree away from her Sun and the client finally signed. It will mean more work and responsibility (these guys are very demanding), but Saturn often brings more work as reward for hard work- and she’s up for a nice bonus.

My Dad’s Sun is at 4 Scorpio, and he’s been crook, ie very sick- for the last few months. I don’t have a birth time, so I don’t know which house his Sun is in. With a Capricorn Moon, thought to be between 5-12 degrees (depending on birth time), Pluto is playing a role in what is going on with him. Saturn is now a degree past his Sun and the recovery is beginning. Previously a very fit and active man, Saturn is asking him to get real about what his limitations are now and will likely to be in the future.  With a Saturn ruled Moon being squared natally by Saturn, Dad generally “gets” Saturn lessons pretty quickly.

What will your experience be? I don’t have the answer to that. What I do know is that it is pointless to resist the Saturn message- if things aren’t working, Saturn will force you to get real about it. Whether you listen and act quickly or drag it out is your call.

Someone asked me once whether Mr T was worried about his transit. As the husband of an astrologer, surely he had some concerns? Nope. He asked me once what I thought it would mean to him- only because he had heard me talking about it with a friend.

‘It will probably mean more work, a few more roadblocks and frustrations- nothing you’re not used to.’

‘OK,’ he said, ‘whatever Darlin.’

‘And you probably should keep an eye on your health and look at forming a few more healthy habits- if you don’t, at some point during the 6th house transit, you’ll probably get sick.’

‘Ok,’ he said, ‘whatever Darlin.’

He asked me on the plane the other day whether that Saturn thing that I’d said was coming was coming.

‘Yeah,’ I said, ‘you’ve had it.’

‘Ok,’ he said, ‘I don’t know what you were worried about…’

‘I wasn’t,’ I say.


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  1. My early degrees Sun Scorpio is in 7th house square Saturn in 11th (oh joy!) I have been feeling flat & uninspired about work and low energy makes creative work hard if not impossible… Also had more than one friend (11th house) with totally unexpected near death experiences. All doing ok thankfully but scary. I would blog about it but it’s a dark subject matter. I am however looking forward to seeing the exhibition, Death: A Self Portrait in London. Totally fascinating for my macabre Scorpio side.

    1. Wow, that’s an interesting outcome, but seriously scary. Creativity is definitely limited under a Saturn transit- I think because it is all about being real, and creativity at its essence is so much more than that.

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