Retrograde saturn

Saturn Retrograde 2017

Saturn retrograde until 24/8/17

It is often said that planets become more emphasised when they are retrograde ie appear to be going backwards from the perspective of us here on Earth. Personally, I find that simply terrifying when it comes to Saturn- although many of you won’t share that fear.

The reason their action is emphasised is because it is internalised. We therefore feel it more. And if you have planets or chart points at 27 Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces or Virgo- you will feel this one even more as Saturn has stationed retrograde at 27 Sagittarius for what has seemed like forever, but in reality has only been a few weeks. His energy focused on this point for longer than usual…and Saturn never does anything by chance.

My Moon is at 27 Pisces…need I say more?

So, what can we expect from a Saturn retrograde? Well, more Saturn stuff of course, but with the prefix “re” inserted in front of the word eg re-structure, re-commit, re-focus, re-calibrate, re-trench.

Saturn rules the supports, structures, rules and responsibilities in our life. In theory, Saturn is the fun cop who says “no, it is time you went home young lady,” when every part of you is crying out to say yes. When Saturn is retrograde, he is sending you back to your room to think very carefully about what you are doing, goals you have started working towards and the commitments you have made. It is sort of like a planetary cooling off period when it is OK to re-assess and change direction or re-assess and say “no”. This is not the time to make new commitments or start new projects, but great to sort out just what you want out of existing goals. Re-prioritise.

Saturn retrogrades give you time to sort your shit out, get rid of any frustrations and re-think the viability of any promises you have already made. It’s a little like having a building inspector come through and checks your foundations and support structures.

The area of life Saturn is retrograde in is emphasised and needs defining. If it is the 7th, relationships will need to be defined. If it’s the 1st, you will be wanting to define yourself- this is generally a nice skinny transit- if Saturn transits can ever be described as being nice, that is. If it is the 2nd, money issues and values will come to the forefront. With Saturn in Sagittarius in 2017, issues of faith and boundaries will be looked at intensely. Saturn will demand that you look with maturity at this part of your life.

Regardless of where this is happening in your chart, Saturn, with a natural association with the 10th house and the ruler of Capricorn, will see most of us trying to define, or re-define career goals.

The structures that are built during a Saturn retrograde will stand you in good stead once he starts to move forward again.

Check out what is in your chart on or around 27 Sagittarius and 21 Sagittarius- this is your area of focus. This is 10h house for me so my focus is around career, profile, work. During this retrograde, Saturn has stationed square my Moon, and station direct square my Sun…I have a pretty good idea of what it is that Saturn wants me to get real about.

In terms of aspects:

If you have a planet or chart point (such as Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant or IC) at 21 Sagittarius-27 Sagittarius, Saturn will conjunct this planet/point during the retrograde period.

If you have a planet or chart point at 21-27 Gemini, Saturn will oppose this point during the retrograde period

If you have a planet or chart point at 21-27 Pisces or Virgo, Saturn will square this point during the retrograde

If you have a planet or chart point at 21-27 Leo or Aries, Saturn will trine this point during the retrograde

If you have a planet or chart point at 21-27 Aquarius or Libra, Saturn will sextile this point during the retrograde.

Saturn will station retrograde from 6 April 2016 (depending on where you are) at 27 Sagittarius 47′

Saturn will station direct at 21 Sagittarius on 24/8/17