Retrograde saturn

Saturn Direct: learning your lesson



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Saturn has been retrograde since mid March. During this time we should have all been using the time wisely to get our Saturn shit together.

Saturn constricts rather than expands (which is why many astrologers see Saturn transits as being skinny transits…). He also tends to bring depression and sadness with him rather than optimism. Sort of like you’ve been running on empty, come to the end of the road, are over it and can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. I’m not sure about you, but this was absolutely me in March as Saturn stationed to turn retrograde.

For me, the station was on my MC and square my Ascendant. I was anxious, had chronic back pain, high blood pressure and couldn’t see anything other than doors closing. The previous few months had been the most consistently stressful at work that I could remember any time before being, and my health was suffering as a result.

Then Saturn turned retrograde. Initially, things got worse. That makes sense- when Saturn is retrograde, the Saturn energy is turned within- it builds and builds on itself inside you. The theory is that you have the time to think and absorb.

Once Saturn turns direct, intention needs to be turned into action. That means dealing with whatever it is with maturity, commitment and responsibility. The whole process is a little like growing pains for adults.

In this way, Saturn retrogrades are a little like an exam- testing you on what lessons you’ve learnt and giving you the opportunity to go back and try again. But he’s not the sort of teacher that will give you hints, or feedback where you went wrong- he’s more of the red line through the page “a few suggested changes” sort of man. Or perhaps he’s an auditor with a tie that is way too short, a green pen and a pad asking you questions that you don’t particularly want to answer. He’ll make a note of your answer, his facial expression unchanging, and then ask the same question in a different way.

Saturn has now stationed and is contemplating his next move forward, so the energy is at its’ most potent. If you have planets (especially personal planets) or chart points at 9 Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo or Gemini you will be feeling this Saturn energy more than the rest of us…enjoy.

Don’t, however, discount the so-called easy aspects- eg points at 9 Aquarius, Libra, Aries or Leo…especially if, like me you’re Saturn isn’t in great shape (in Aries, Cancer or Leo) or particularly strong.

Saturn transits can hurt, a lot- there’s no denying that. At critical points of a Saturn transit, if (like me) your temptation is to run away from whatever it is, something will be in your way. There will be nowhere left to run. You have no choice but to stand your ground, face it like and adult and finish the job. Like a grown up.

I’ve since left that job and started a new one. My back is already feeling better, my blood pressure already reduced. Some of the other stuff contributing to my anxiety is still in the background waiting to be addressed. One of the reasons I left my last job was to give me the breathing space to deal with all of that. I have no doubt that unless I face these issues maturely and practically, I’ll go through it all again when next Saturn hits these points- and each time I get it wrong or skip the question- there’ll be the planetary equivalent of a rap over the knuckles reminding me of this.

The other thing I’m pretty sure of is that it will all be alright in the long run. Saturn lessons are never short term- which is why when you do it right, although the rewards might be slow to come, the benefits last for a long long time.

One final thing on this one, Saturn stations direct at 9 Sagittarius, and next months solar eclipse is at 9 Virgo- so square the station point. I’m not sure about you, but when it comes to the Universe, there’s no such thing as mere coincidence.

13/8/16 stations direct 9 Sagittarius 46’