Sagittarius New Moon- On Looking Forward, Three F Words and the Big Bang

Sagittarius 1

The Moon in Sagittarius is optimistic and forward focused. As someone who still looks under the lids of dietcoke bottles and fully expects to see the words “you’re a winner” I like that. But right now I am trying to look back. And finding it difficult.

Every year I complete a Tracey family newsletter which I send out to close friends & family- sort of a year in pictures & words. I asked my daughter what 2010 has been for her and she rolled her eyes and said “whatever”. I asked my husband and he said it was a year of “coming homes”… my coming home from wherever I had been… Me? How do you look back when every part of your being is wanting to look forward?

Sagittarius is adventurous and freedom loving- both physically and mentally. Sagittarius represents travel, spirituality, higher learning and religion- anything which expands your horizons on a physical or mental plane. The symbol of the archer directs energy outward to some distant point on the horizon, whilst the image of the centaur (half man, half horse) combines the energy of the intellect and higher learning with that of a body built to charge off towards whatever. Check out the bottom half of the centaur- the powerful thighs of the horse. Sagittarius rules the bum and the thighs, those big muscle groups that power us towards whatever life’s adventure may be and over those distant fences with an absolute fearlessness and complete faith.

Don’t fence me in is the motto for whatever part of life Sagittarius rules for you. In my case, Sagittarius rules the career and public spaces of my chart. It is this part of my life that I want to explore and remove fences in. It is this part of life that I will more strongly defend the stuff that I believe in. And these three “F” words- forward motion, fearlessness and faith- are what this New Moon represents for me. Falling within a degree of my Midheaven, this years cycle will be about career and how the world sees me. Faith to let go of the old and move forward without fear is the key message for me…what will it be for you?

Jupiter is the ruler of this New Moon, so have a look at where Jupiter sits in your chart and what aspects are being made to it. Anything? Is transiting Jupiter hitting anything in your natal chart? Again in my case, transiting Jupiter is sitting exactly on my Part of Fortune and making supportive aspects to pretty well every other main planet in my chart- Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, the Sun & the Moon. Likewise Uranus (sitting almost stationary just a few minutes off my Moon) is activating the same points. If I were my own astrologer, I probably would be telling me that this is a cycle not be wasted on faffing around on dreams and fantasies that never come out of the bucket and onto the table because I’m too scared. I would be telling me that this cycle, this time is Big. And with Mars currently squaring off against my Moon, I actually may have the courage to do something about it (although the only indication of assertiveness over the last few days has been a collection of random outbursts… :()

Big is another Jupiterian/ Sagitarian concept, but we tend to think of Big things as either physically big or something actually happening that we see as Big. Sure, any Jupiter transit will make you physically bigger if you withdraw within yourself rather than venture out into the world. Likewise, the stuff that happens may be doors opening, opportunities grabbed hold of, trips taken, books opened that set of a series of light bulbs. Rather than a Big Bang, it may be a chain reaction of a lot of little things that in combination adds up to something Big.

This New Moon links supportively through to Saturn, giving us a hint that the Big stuff won’t happen without some hard work, long term planning and sensible structures. For all of us out there with a strong Jupiter & a pretty bad Saturn, these concepts are both unfamiliar and unwelcome…but necessary. Jupiter broadcasts and publishes, Saturn teaches. Jupiter pushes us out and beyond, Saturn reminds us of our boundaries. Jupiter loves and travels freely, Saturn brings us home to our commitments and responsibilities. Jupiter takes risks, Saturn mitigates those risks. Used properly together, Jupiter and Saturn can be a formidable and successful team…worth thinking about this New Moon?

Also important tomorrow is Uranus who will turn direct within a few hours of the New Moon. Check out my post for a little of what this means, but more on this later… for now, in relation to the New Moon, think about what part of you is making a bid for freedom, individuality. How does that correspond to your Sagittarius/ Jupiter message?

For me? I have a newsletter to complete and a passport to renew!