Houses Pisces

Running Away to Join the Circus- Pisces through houses 10-12


Pisces on the cusp of the 10th house (Gemini Rising)

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Ok, let’s talk plainly. You probably still have no idea what you want to do with your life when you grow up. Am I right, or am I right? I am especially right if Neptune is in the 10th.

You have the potential to succeed in so many different areas (as long as you emotionally attach to whatever it is), but because Neptune rules your career zone you have a tendency to idealise a career (or a situation) and then find the reality very different…so you un-attach and move to something different. You have no problems imagining the highs, the glory, the wonders and riches that are waiting for you (not that money is your motivation-or titles, for that matter), but you have absolutely no idea how to make it work in the long term. Boredom, practicality and business as usual sets in and you decide that it isn’t (whatever your latest idea is) isn’t for you after all.

This makes you great at visionary work, or start ups, but not so good at operational roles- although you can also do those if you can convince yourself that there is something (or someone) there worth attaching to- for now. It also means that more often than not, even while you are doing one role you are dreaming of another, or of running away to join the circus, or of dropping out completely. Yet, deep down, you know that these options also won’t live up to their idealized hype.

Jupiter co-rules your career zone, so you also tend to over-reach yourself or under estimate the effort involved. After all, just how hard can it be? You want to save the world, you want to do something that you believe in, you want to make a difference, but sometimes, quite simply, you just have no idea where to start.

Pisces on the cusp of the 11th house (Taurus Rising)

I have one particular friend who my hubby doesn’t like- mainly because this person once broke my heart with a betrayal that I will never forget. My husband was the one who held me tight when this person metaphorically kicked me in the guts. I gave my friend a 2nd chance and we grew closer. My husband can’t understand it and waits for it to happen again. In the meantime, I have them back up on the pedestal and watch through rose coloured glasses.

There isn’t a lot of room to move on pedestals- except perhaps when you fall off. With Pisces on the cusp of the 11th house (or Neptune in the 11th), you tend to set yourself up for disappointment when it comes to friends. You have a habit of idealizing them or setting them up to be more perfect then they are. This makes them feel great, but you have to deal with the kick in the guts when they betray you. You may never forget it (well, you don’t forget betrayals do you?) but will often let them do it again- you are the Queen of Second (and third and fourth) Chances.

Friends constantly disappoint you. You may feel as though they should have phoned you more or asked you more. You may wonder why they never make the first move, or why they rarely seem interested. They probably are (interested) and they probably do (call or ask), but you are so sensitive to undercurrents when it comes to friendships- often seeing slights that quite simply are not there.

You, on the other hand, are extremely generous and loyal when it comes to friends, often sacrificing yourself when you would rather not. Sometimes you attach yourself to a friendship for far longer than you should- well past the use by date of the relationship and through until if it was something in the fridge it would have turned manky and smelly.

Friends are very important to you on an emotional level, but not if the only gift they bring is guilt and obligation. When you feel like you are driving a pity wagon and none of them are getting off, it may be time for you to step down from the drivers seat.

Pisces on the cusp of the 12th house (Aries Rising)

You are more afraid than you let anyone know. You are afraid of being alone and, in some cases, haven’t quite worked out the difference between alone and lonely- this is particularly the case if you also have the Sun in Aries and need others to help fan your flames.

You also don’t like to let anyone see the compassion and sensitivity that you keep hidden away. After all, your rising sign is Aries. You should be flexing your muscles or asserting your will in some other way. You are strong, you are independent- all the textbooks tell you so.

You especially don’t want messy things like feelings and empathy to get in the way of the job that has to be done, the fight that has to be fought, the conquest that has to be won.

The things that go through your head when you are alone, your dreams, visions and inspiration, the feelings that you will never ever tell anyone (unless you have a Pisces friend who you know will “get” it) may sometimes make you wonder if you are going barmy. This is especially the case for Aries Rising peeps with other Pisces personal planets in the 12th. Trust this stuff, listen to your intuition, learn to enjoy your alone time and the thoughts that pop in and out of your consciousness when you are on your own. And, if you have someone who you know will get it, share those thoughts and dreams with them- they are probably sensitive enough to already know…and it won’t make you seem weaker in their eyes.