Road to nowhere?


Over dinner the other night, an astro pal and I got talking about the void of course, or VOC, Moon. As you do.

And we got talking about our different theories. As you do.

Void of course is one of those terms that sounds a lot more technical than it really is. Essentially it means that the Moon won’t make any more aspects (conjunction, sextiles, trine, square or opposition) to any other planet (including the outers but excluding the asteroids) before it leaves a sign.

Sounds reasonable?

Essentially this means that the Moon is free sailing through the rest of that sign without any other planet influencing or modifying her behaviour.

The thing is, the Moon, like most mothers, doesn’t particularly like having nothing to do. When she’s busy checking in on people, she feels more useful- even when the aspects are challenging.

This is why sometimes during a VOC you might feel a little aimless, useless even. Things might seem quieter- like those weird moments just before a storm where things feel sort of…expectant. It’s also why during a VOC you might be able to make the most of the energy of that particular sign.

A lot of the time, the nature of the Moon needs to be taken into account.

When the Moon is VOC in Pisces, you probably will be unproductive and aimless- that’s the nature of the Pisces Moon. When the Moon is VOC in Taurus you may be able to really appreciate the moment. When the Moon is VOC in Aries you may actively look for arguments or fires to put out- simply to fill the gaps. You may even find yourself lighting those metaphorical fires…or at least striking a spark to see what happens.

The Moon is at her worst in Capricorn and Scorpio, so a VOC Moon in these signs is more likely to bring out the shadow behaviour of these signs than the best. At the last Scorpio VOC I spent some very valuable (not) hours creating some very convoluted paranoid fantasies…but we won’t go there.

Get the idea?

Essentially VOC Moons are better for:

  • Finishing things than starting them
  • Planning and organising
  • Editing than creating
  • Reviewing decisions rather than committing to them
  • De-cluttering than accumulating
  • Keeping appointments rather than making them

Hang on… this is sounding very much like the advice we give when a planet is retrograde…

Which leads me to my next point- when your Moon is VOC natally. Does this mean that you are infused with the aimlessness of a wandering Moon, or does your Moon have the uninterrupted purity of the sign it’s in?

In most cases (but not all), your Moon will make aspects to other planets- when it comes to the Moon we look at wider orbs- but there may be no more applying aspects being made.

How do you know this? Simple- look for planet that falls at a later degree than your Moon. If there is one and it does fall in the same sign, or in a sign that trines, sextiles, squares or opposes your Moon, it isn’t VOC.

As I said before, the Moon likes to have things to take care of- and when she’s void of course, she can just get on with getting on.

My Moon falls at 27 Pisces and is void.

Prior to getting to 27 Pisces, on her way through she passed Mars(trine), Mercury (conjunction), the Ascendant (conjunction), Pluto (opposition), the Sun (conjunction), Uranus (opposition), Jupiter (trine) and Neptune (trine). But there’s nothing between her and the end of Pisces…she is able to be at her most Piscean. In my humble opinion, VOC suits a Pisces Moon- in the same way that being retrograde seems to suit Pisces Mercury.

I tend not to feel any different when the Moon is void- in the same way that I rarely feel the retrograde cycle of Mercury. I’d be interested to know if others feel the same about their void of course Moon.

The traditionals saw the VOC Moon as being almost destitute- without purpose and support. I don’t necessarily agree.

The Moon is also a translator of light, bringing the energies of every planet she touches on her way through. By the time she is void, she has the essence of all of those contacts.

As I said, that’s just my opinion.

I do, however, think that I have the benefit of being a late degree VOC Moon in a sign that suits that energy. As I mentioned before, when the Moon is in a sign where the pure nature of that sign doesn’t suit a “wandering” Moon, your experience could be very different to mine… and that’s ok.

Horary is a different matter. That shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Horary astrology is where we cast a chart for a particular moment in time for the purpose of answering a single question.

When the Moon signifies the question being asked, the answer is not normally one that you want to hear. It’s a “nothing will come of this” answer, or a “sit tight for now” answer.

The thing is, the Moon is void of course every few days- sometimes for a couple of minutes, sometimes for a couple of hours, sometimes for longer. There is always going to be a time where your inclination is to faff around rather than get on with it. That’s ok.

During those times, take a few moments and think about what the nature of that Moon is and go with it…just don’t start anything new…yet.