Revenge is Sweeter Than You Ever Were

I have Mars in Scorpio, in the 8th house. This makes it both easy and difficult to write this piece- easy in that I can tell it like it is without giving a faff if I upset anybodys precious ego way; and difficult in that I need to be careful not to expose parts of myself which, like my stomach, rarely see the light of day…for good reason.

It’s hard to write about Mars in Scorpio without talking about sex, jealousy, revenge, control, power and absolute truth. Nor can I write about Mars in Scorpio without discussing unwavering desire, determined willpower and intense emotions. I will address the latter, before venturing into the former.

Just as there is a fine line between pleasure and pain the extremely dark side of Scorpio also has a very positive energy. Any planet in Scorpio will be focused, private, self sufficient and contained. Mars is no different. Mars rules both Aries and is the traditional ruler of Scorpio, so is extremely strong in this sign.

Mars, for all of us, is about how we assert ourselves, how we go about getting what we want. It is also about our energy levels.  Anyone who has this placement is driven.  The power of emotions is channelled into asserting yourself and achieving or attaining what it is that you want. Rather than detaching from your emotions (such as is possible with Mars in Air, Fire and Earth), Mars in Water signs use this attachment to a goal or desire in order to move forward.

Scorpio is an introverted, or feminine sign, which means that the energy rather than being expressive is internally directed. Scorpio is not a centre stage feature, but rather back row centre. For all this, it is still, magnetic and powerful. Mars in Scorpio draws people in, seemingly without exerting a muscle.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, so the energy is one of endurance. He has incredible internal reserves of energy and his desires are unwavering. He doesn’t care how long it takes. Whilst Mars in Aries will exhaust himself quickly and move on, Mars in Scorpio is in it for the long run and will budget his energy in a more controlled fashion to make it last.

Mars says a lot about what gets us out of bed in the morning (as well as what gets us in there the night before). In Scorpio, this can be usually isolated to power and total control. Mars in Scorpio likes a challenge. Unlike Mars in Aries, he won’t tear off to the next conquest as soon as he has landed his prey- he wants to hang around and make sure that what he has won is totally his. This is the energy of completion and makes Mars in Scorpio formidable from a professional sense and also incredibly suited to any sporting activity needing focus and endurance.

Mars’ strengths in Scorpio are also some of his key weaknesses. His need for privacy, secrecy, self protection and control can stop him from expressing himself freely. He is change resistant and slow to trust with a tendency to paranoia. Mars in Scorpio may choose not to move forward with something he believes in simply because he feels that to do so may grant someone else control. He will instead wait until the situation can be manipulated in his favour. A little like only using a 2 letter word in words with friends so that you don’t leave the double or triple words exposed. Yep, I’m playing both a Scorpio Sun and a Scorpio Moon at present.

Mars in Scorpio takes these traits with him to bed.  Mars is also about what turns us on (and off) sexually (and otherwise). It is about our sex drive and passions. In a mans’ chart, Mars is how he shows his strength, his masculinity, how he might go about impressing a potential partner. In a womans’ chart, the sign that Mars is in is often projected into the type of partner she falls for completely- again and again and flipping again. Trust me on this, I’m a textbook case. Thankfully I married one.

With Mars in Scorpio, it may be that she has a weakness for men with Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars in Scorpio, or men who have one or more of these planets in the 8th house or in close aspect to Pluto. She may want a man who will dominate her in some way, or with whom she can fight for control. Deep down, she wants to be needed. Either way, her relationships will usually have a Scorpio influence. If you are susceptible, there is nothing on earth that can substitute for the magnetism of the Scorpio influenced male. (Women with Scorpio personal planets have a similar effect on men with either Venus or the Moon in Scorpio).

Protection is absolutely paramount when considering emotions as deep as those of Scorpio. With Mars in Scorpio, you never ever let them know how you really feel- this makes you vulnerable and under the control of someone else…even though part of you may want to submit to a little of this. If they really loved or desired you they would want to dig deeper to know all of you. You want someone who is prepared to do that. You want someone who will expose his vulnerabilities to you.

To allow anyone to see how much you want them is to open yourself up for rejection. By not letting them know, if you are rejected, you are the only one who knows about it. Naturally, of course, the likelihood of rejection is that much greater because the encouragement level is that much less. Doesn’t make sense? It does to Scorpio Mars.

You may be jealous (at least initially) of anyone who has gone there before, during or after you- regardless of whether it was a one nighter or a relationship or even a flirtation. Why? Because they had (or will have) a part of you that I didn’t. Scary but true.

Mars in Scorpio doesn’t flirt. When he wants something (or someone), he wants all of it, completely, for ever and ever. And that is serious business- and very sexy. When Scorpio Mars stares you down, you know it. Flirtation is for when it’s not serious.

Sex isn’t just about physical passion for Scorpio Mars, although the urge is stronger here than in most other Mars placements. It is more about the emotional intensity and attachment. This is not sex in a 5th house fun way, but sex in the traditional 8th house power to transform your life way and experience something truly profound. A little (or a lot) dark, a little (or a lot) compulsive, a little (or a lot) obsessive, but very magnetic.

Because Mars in Scorpio desires so completely he requires truth, honesty and loyalty. No grey areas. This is uncompromising, deal breaking, black and white.

He doesn’t like to be played with, although he himself is a master game player and manipulator. If he suspects you are playing around, he will wait until you trip yourself up. Once you have lost his trust, it has gone forever. His nightmare scenario is finding out about your betrayal from another source as it threatens not only his trust, but also his sense of power.

He will then quietly gather evidence in the background which can be used against you. This allows him to regain some sense of control over the outcome. The term Machiavellian was invented for this placement… and his revenge (or revenge fantasies) certainly take on these qualities.

As tempting as it is, think carefully before committing to Mars in Scorpio as endings are always painful. This is not a placement where you can easily be friends afterward. It is all or nothing. Sure he will hang on for a while, but once he knows it is over, he will cut cleanly and completely. Like it never happened. Like you never existed. Complete elimination. As painful as it is to be completely cut from his life, it is substantially less painful than when he doesn’t let go… revenge is never pretty, but to Mars in Scorpio, it can be sweet indeed.

The title song is Revenge is Sweeter Than You Ever Were, by Aussie girls The Veronicas. This really is one of those songs that you want to throw at someone! Just have a listen to the lyrics…

Other great Mars in Scorpio songs:

  • Total Control, by The Motels- Martha Davis is being very Venus in Scorpio in this clip from the 80’s: “I’d sell my soul for total control over you”
  • Pleasure and Pain, by Aussie band The Divinyls. Another one from the 80’s. “I’ve been standing in the back of your life- back row centre just above the ice…its a fine line between pleasure and pain, you’ve done it once you’ll do it again”

You may also identify with this description if you are a man with the Sun in Scorpio or if you have Mars conjunct, square or in opposition to Pluto.



  1. Wow wow wow, this is so exciting. I am woman: Sun/Libra and Venus/Scorpio and I recently started dating a man: Sun/Cap and Mars/Scorpio. And I tell you, I can certainly feel the connection and it is just oooh so intriguing (spell it right? Im from Sweden, sorry… ). I just love the way we can bring out all our darkness together and still have the intimacy/tenderness right there.

    I just love your blog! I am only recently starting to learn about the depths of astrology and Im perplexed over much that I now start seeing. For instance, me having Saturn in my sunsign Libra over the past few years has had some real hard times/lifelessons. AND, I dont KNOW how many cap-guys has been drawn to me. My past two short relationships was caps and they were even born on the same day. Mere coincidence? I think not! Its sooo exiting to start learning about astrology. If only people knew how much there is out there to help us understand ourselves and life.

    MUCH thank you for sharing all your wisdom with us!


  2. Cool one Jo! I posted it on FB.
    I have Mars in Leo and I’ve been in love with Mick Jagger and my son (both leos), all my life!
    Love the Scorpio and Virgos insights, I can relate to my never will be lover, the one with the Virgo sun, the Scorpio rising and a Virgo moon.
    Couldn’t have chosen a worst one to fall for if I had been looking for it myself!
    Today I experienced the power of my wishes come true, I remember from one of your reading that you told me I had the potential to manifest, and this time it was so sudden and real it was amazing.
    Can’t remember where, astrologically, this comes from in my Natal Chart though.
    It’s kinda hot stuff, so if you’d like to hear more from it, send me a note and I’ll give you the full version.
    Keep blogging, we love your blogs but stop putting yourself down about your body shape, like I told you before, with a smile like yours nothing else matters. Love, always, Alecs xox

  3. Wow! From someone with Scorp Mars (6th house), you really nailed it. Thank you for being so candid! I don’t think I ever could, lol.

  4. ThaNk you do much for your thoroughly accurate description. I have been reading your blog for several months and I have always found it enjoyable and informative. I have never commented on a blog but wow i just had to agree you really nailed this one!! I’m a sun Libra conjunct Pluto, Scorpio rising, mercury and Uranus conjunct in Scorpio. This combined with being raised by a double Scorpio mother all in the 8th and Scorpio father I have a propensity towards and interest in the depth, intrigue, power and magnetism you described here. I always say I was raised by wolves, passion and pain!!
    Fantastic job, many thanks for your honest and insightful interpretations, keep ’em coming ! blessings.

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