Mars Virgo

Relax, Take it Easy- Mars in Virgo

Relax, Take it Easy.

Mars has finally, after a longer than usual stay, left look- at- me (does that mirror need to be moved a little to the left?) Leo and has moved into Virgo.

All that romantic, dramatic, luxurious flair can get a man down. And as for the performance pressure associated with keeping your hair so great for so long, well, that just doesn’t bear thinking about!

None of that in Virgo…Virgo does not do drama or theatrics, which is actually a relief in a way. In view of me trying to keep this a snark free enhance the positives zone, I am really struggling with something light and breezy to write about Mars in Virgo, so I am going to start with a quote by Stephen Arroyo (from his book Relationships & LifeCycles)… this is actually for the sole reason of covering my own butt against any comebacks from people with Mars in Virgo- you can blame him, not me:

“Virgo has always been known for being an analytical sign. With Mars in Virgo in a woman’s chart, does this mean she would analyse men or analyse sex? At a workshop a lady with Mars in Virgo stood up and said “yes, you know I have this little rating chart in my head from 1 to 10…”

It brings to mind a joke I received on email during the week which goes something like (but I have embellished just a tad for dramatic and astrological correctness):

A girl meets a gorgeous looking man in a club. They get to talking and she really likes him. He looks fit and healthy, seems to know where he is going and actually has a brain- something she hasn’t come across a lot lately- all the guys she has met lately have looked great, but haven’t had a lot to say.

Anyway, one thing leads to another and he takes her back to his place. She can’t believe her luck. This guy was wearing linen pants that hadn’t even creased. In fact, he had an empty ironing basket in the laundry (she checked). She made an excuse to check out his bathroom. The shower screen was gleaming, the toilet lid was down and the cupboards revealed back up soaps, toothpaste and dental floss. This guy even seemed to change his toothbrush by the season. Wow!

In the bedroom she was in for another surprise. On shelves above his bed was a variety of fluffy stuffed toys in every colour. She was touched and even more attracted. Here was a man who kept himself tidy, practiced good dental and personal hygiene and wasn’t afraid to display his feminine side.

Getting down to business, he didn’t jump straight on her, and whilst his energy levels weren’t huge, she certainly couldn’t fault his technique- he was a completely unselfish lover and definitely knew his way around. Afterward, satisfied, she lay back in his arms, smiled up at him and sighed. ‘So, how was it for you?’ she asked shyly, already looking forward to their next date.

He stretched languidly, looked at her consideringly and seriously and said, ‘pick any toy from the middle row.’

It’s a bit like that scene in the 1st Sex & the City movie where the girls are talking about “colouring” and how many times a week they “colour”. Miranda, the earth component, is keen to know what frequency is normal as she can’t understand why the others are still so interested in sex given their busy lives- sex for her was way down the priority list after everything else she was responsible for. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy it, just that sex had become another chore to be scheduled in. Charlotte says she is very happy with her few times a week and Carrie doesn’t keep count, but says (something like) ‘all I can say is that when Big “colours” he frequently goes outside the lines.’ Obviously a quality girl.

It isn’t that Mars in Virgo isn’t interested in sex, far from it…just that life is busy- real busy- and quite often the energy and drive needs to be directed elsewhere.  There are always the must be done details of everyday life that take priority- especially when you have a job and a home and kids and a life. Anyway, there is more to Mars than sex drive…

The position of Mars in our chart tells us about our energy levels, what drives us, what turns us on (or off) and even how we like to lose our temper. It points us towards what we want, our desires, and how we go about satisfying them. In relationship analysis we look at Mars in both charts to see compatibility (or challenges) from a sexual and energy viewpoint, whilst Mars in a womans’ chart usually gives us an idea as to what type of man she will fall for- in spite of whatever checklist may be operating in the background.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign, so Mars in this sign will be driven towards the achievement of practical goals. As much as Virgo doesn’t like to admit it, Mars in this sign is energised by work and the work effort. As a result, energy is likely to be scattered across a number of tasks at once. Mars in Virgo gets off on multi-tasking, and enjoys being responsible for the details and systems that no one else can take care of.

And he generally does everything very well- usually better than others would…if he let them.  But oh how he drives himself. Mars in Virgo will push himself to the absolute brink and beyond to get something done to the level of quality which is deemed by him to be acceptable. Anyone else will have declared it good enough, packed up for the night and been on their 3rd beer at the pub.

Women with Mars in Virgo are often attracted to partners with Virgo characteristics. This may be someone with planets in Virgo, or someone who upholds strong Virgo qualities- hard-working, practical and who will look after her and deal with the details of life. He may have a strong interest in health and fitness and maintain a good and consistent routine… and encourage you to do so too! Speaking of men with Mars in Virgo…

I read a great article in Saturday’s Good Weekend liftout in the Sydney Morning Herald. Written by David Marr, it put the spotlight on Australia’s very Virgo Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd*. Personally I don’t want to consider the sex life of our Prime Minister- there are some places where it is not wise for the mind to venture- but Mr Rudd has Mars in Virgo conjunct his Sun. Regardless of your respective political leanings, the article was insightful and an absolute portrait of Mars in Virgo. However, aside from respect at the discipline and controlled way in which Mr Rudd ran his campaign and organises his cabinet, the writer spent more time looking at the shadow side with comments such as:

 “He doesn’t trust his advisors to give great advice, so they become glorified research assistants. Because everything is on the go at once and he’s interrogating the detail of everything, nothing comes out until the last minute.”

“He is so focused on day to day tasks that he loses the social niceties. They are neither here nor there. Staff are interrogated beyond what’s reasonable to expect them to know. And if you don’t know the atmosphere changes.”

 “Everyone wishes he had more sleep…”

OK, so these are negatives (and I really didn’t want to go there…) and politicians are not great examples, but love him or hate him, Canberra’s opinion is generally that the man runs an extremely tight and well controlled ship and gets so much done…. but needs more sleep. Come to think of it, Mars in Virgo can often do with more sleep… and a little relaxation…does that bring me back full circle to the whole sex thing…or is that my Mars in Scorpio talking…?

*Birth details: 21 September, 1957, Nambour Qld. Time unknown, but sources have rectified to around 12.09pm (Solarfire)