Red, Red Wine…


It’s wine o clock on a Friday afternoon here in a very soggy Sydney.

I am sipping on a glass of pinot gris from the Yarra Valley, and inhaling the fumes from fresh enamel paint. The Moon is in Pisces, Mercury is about to wheel and deal his way out of Capricorn and I have just committed to the challenge to end all challenges.

This time next week my tipple of choice will be a sparling mineral water, in a wine glass with a touch of lime. You see, I am doing “FebFast” and sending grog on a month long holiday.

Here in Australia, we don’t have a great relationship with alcohol- many of us are just a tad to attached to it, some have real problems and some are just plain ugly with it- as anyone who has witnessed the bronzed Aussie in all his glory somewhere on a beach holiday in Asia over the summer holidays.

Whilst I think the cause is a brilliant one, my reasons for doing this are purely selfish- the funds that are raised are a by-product:

  • After way too many Bintangs in Bali (see my earlier comment about the Aussie abroad) I came back from holidays the heaviest I have ever been. Beer and I love each other dearly, but he is not a great influence on either my resolve or my tummy.
  • One of my resolutions this year is to challenge myself and push myself outside my comfort zone. As a triple Pisces sometimes the sheer emotional weight of the stuff I feel sends me to the fridge and temporary escape. Whilst all my Pluto means that I am too much of a control freak to ever lose control, I do need to learn how to confront the things that scare me.
  • Another of my resolutions is to spend the next few months getting healthy again, and this fits into that beautifully.
  • Neptune is about to move into Pisces. I figure this will add even more Piscean-ness to my Pisces and water overload. Now is probably a time to add a few more boundaries, (Ok, a few boundaries) to my life.
  • I’ve made a bet with someone, accompanied by comments like “how hard can it be?” and “reckon I can last longer than you”.

Now, before you go thinking that I will become born again, I do not intend abstaining for longer than the allocated month.  My Trainer rather unkindly suggested that people who do FebFast do it because they can’t manage the extra few days of Dry July. He has a point.

For medical astrologers, Neptune rules alcohol, as it does other chemical poisons such as nicotine. Alcohol deceives the body into thinking of it as a sugar substitute and, in the process deceives our metabolism and trust me, my metabolism doesn’t need any more deceiving.

The worst part of this, from my viewpoint, is that the body uses ethyl alcohol (fermented sugar) as an energy supply before it uses glucose (its’ preferred energy source) and before it uses stored fats. This means that my daily workout is pretty well just burning off the previous nights drinks and not much else.

After reading Sweet Poison by David Gillespie early last year, I gave up sugar. The research was overwhelming. The culprit is fructose, the sugar that occurs naturally in fruits, and less naturally in pretty well anything we eat that is processed. When I first read this I was thrilled to see that wine, spirits, champagne and beer are low in fructose, but the toll on the liver is heavy.

More recent research is showing that the metabolism of ethanol (fermented sugar) is actually much the same as the metabolism of fructose after all. That same research is also showing that the brain recognises artificial sugars (also ruled by Neptune) as being sweet, so sends the same messages out for insulin.

I had very little problem with giving up sugar (presumably because I actually don’t eat much that is processed or sweetened and also because I continued to drink my wine). I suspect, though, that I may struggle more with FebFast.

The Moon rules our habits and mine is in Pisces, trine Jupiter in the 5th and also trine Neptune in the 9th. My habits have as few boundaries as does my life.

In any case, if you want to read about it, here is the link to my page. A girlfriend and I have committed to form a team of 2, so wish us luck!