Capricorn Daily Planets

Red Letter Days


I like starting things.

This is partly because I have a lot of planets in the first house, and the first house is very much associated with Aries…and Aries is very much associated with starting stuff.

It’s also because I was born just a couple of hours after a New Moon, and New Moons are also associated with starting stuff. The New Moon is a time of initiation, new beginnings, renewal of energy, vital and fresh.

So, I like starting stuff.

In order to start something new, you have to make room with the removal of the old. Sad but true. Like when you clean out your closet so you have room for new clothes.

That’s what the balsamic phase is for- it’s dark, like the vinegar. I like to think of it as a blackboard in the sky- just waiting for a giant sparkler to write your name, or your intentions…or something.

Fanciful, I know, but I am a Pisces!

Anyways, we have the first New Moon of the year falling on, wait for it, 1 January. Given that this is a goal orientated Capricorn New Moon, and given that it falls conjunct Pluto and activates the t square involving Mars and Uranus, this New Moon is a flipping powerful one. This one is about setting resolutions that could very well change your life- and that’s not something you take lightly.

In order to do this properly, you need firstly to say goodbye to 2013. It’s been a big year, so when you farewell it, do it in style.

The thing is, good, bad, or ugly, 2013 happened for a reason. Yes, really.

Here’s what I want you to do. Take a journal, a pen and some pretty coloured textas. Now, it’s time to think- hard…seriously…and turn back the clock…ever so briefly.

First, let’s deal with the bad stuff. Get it on paper and get it out of that spot in your chest where it’s all lodged. Do it quickly- like ripping off a bandaid.

Did you learn anything from it? About yourself? Be honest. What were the lessons? How did it transform you? What did you discover about yourself? What did you let go of?

Now you’ve dealt with that, acknowledge it and say goodbye to it. Sure, there could be some tendrils creeping into 2014, but you’ll be addressing those in 2014, with the knowledge of what’s been before, not worrying about it now.

Now to the good stuff. And before you tell me that 2013 was completely shit, there must have been something good that happened. There was 525,600 minutes (or thereabouts)- surely there was something that made you smile?

Take a new page for each of these headings:

What dreams came true?

What or who are you grateful for?

What or who made you happy?

What were your wow days, stand out days, red letter days?

What was your favourite photo? Favourite meal? Favourite movie? Favourite song?

Who came into your life? Any births or weddings?


Great. Now your blackboard is clean. All ready for 2014…something that we’ll talk about tomorrow…