Queen of the Jungle

There we were: 2 Aussies on our last night in London. Scorpio Hubby & I had been for dinner at my sisters’ place in Maida Vale and were on the Tube heading back to the tiny square that was our hotel room, when I commented that we hadn’t yet seen Buckingham Palace (other than from the top of the red tourist bus in the rain the previous day). We were leaving the following day for a 3 week bus trip through Europe and this would be our last chance to see it.

Even though it is really late, we alight at Green Park and walk through the dark park towards where we think Buckingham Palace is.

Halfway along the path we see a couple of figures strolling ahead of us. I sober up immediately and start worrying about being mugged and how stupid we are to be in a park (everyone knows you shouldn’t walk through parks at night) in London in the middle of the night.

As we get closer we see the outline of guns over the shoulders of the 2 men. I freak out. Not only are we going to be mugged, we were also going to be shot and would never get to see Paris…which was, after all, all I was really concerned about.

By now they had stopped and were waiting for us to catch up to them. I finally notice that they are in uniform, which was when some of the most ridiculous words I have ever uttered came out of my mouth:

‘Oh good, you’re army boys- are you on our side?’

Close up they were both really good looking, in that understated fit and disciplined way that only military can be.

‘Madam,’ one replied, without changing his expression, ‘we are the Queens’ guards.’

‘Cool,’ I say, ‘so not only does that mean that you won’t shoot us, but you can tell us how to get to Buck House.’

At this hubby slinks further back into the shadows.

Still without changing expression, Army Man 1 says, ‘You must be Aussies. Buck House is just at the end of the park immediately past Vicky’s Wedding Cake. We’ll escort you.’

Vicky’s Wedding Cake? Army Man 2 notices my confused look and clarifies, ‘the big white fountain…’

The 3 of us walk on, me giggling and flirting nervously and hubby lagging behind, still embarrassed. We come to a great big puddle which Army Man 1 helps me cross. He then says to me, ‘if your husband was a real gentleman, he would have laid his coat down for you to cross safely.’

If hubby had Venus in Leo, that is possibly what he would have done, but he doesn’t, so it would never occur to him… In any case, my Venus in Aries would probably tell him to bugger off and quit being so stupid, I can manage it perfectly well on my own thankyou very bloody much!

Venus in Leo, on the other hand, is romance personified. This is courtly love, old fashioned wooing- Venus in Leo is in love with love and not afraid to show it. Venus in Leo is definitely not a sex on the first date type of girl, she wants to be respected, she wants to be admired and she wants to be courted.

Where Venus in Aries is about the hunt and the chase and being first to the prize, Venus in Leo is a longer, slower and much steadier burn. Venus in Leo is about loyalty, absolute generosity and a real sense of pride in both the relationship and her partner.

She will shower him with everything she has to give and will defend him ferociously. In return, she expects admiration and to be treated in the manner to which she should be accustomed. Naturally bling, Prada and luxury goods (perhaps with the occasional resort style hotel stay thrown in) will never go astray. She wants to be treated like a Queen- Leo does, after all, enjoy the spotlight…and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Men with Venus in Leo want someone they can be proud to show off. Someone who will look great on a red carpet (so to speak), or somebody who can be considered special in some other way. He wants the admiration of others in his choice of partner.

It’s a bit like that episode in Sex and the City where Carrie looks at the concept of Modelisers- guys who need to date models- to show that they can. In the episode, their ego is tied into how great their girlfriend looks and just how far up the fame ladder she has climbed. The challenge is in getting the girl that other guys can’t… and being seen to do so.

As much as admiration, pride and recognition are important to Venus in Leo, respect is paramount and intricately tied into love. If she can no longer respect, she can no longer love. It is that simple. If Venus in Leo was in that park in London, she would expect to be carried over the puddle… or would have arrived by carriage…


  1. Did they really call it Buck House and Vick’s wedding cake? How neat! How much fun your stories are, you MUST write a book!
    p.s. next time you’re in London come to Lewes. Bring Scorpio hubby and a couple of Queen’s guards too 😉

  2. Thanks Alecs…the book is underway:) I have to admit I had no idea what he was talking about when he referred to it as Vicki’s Wedding Cake…and hubby was playing deaf by then!

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