Symbalon cards...
Symbalon cards...

The Moon is in Taurus- great for relaxing, letting go and feeling at one with your body and the earth. The Moon in Taurus is also great for consolidating something that needs to be, well, consolidated.

What it’s not great for is digging in your heels over things that actually don’t require your heels to be dug in quite so firmly.

The Taurus Moon is also notorious for comfort eating- especially if you have something to say that can’t be said or something to do that you haven’t quite got around to doing. In the former case you swallow your feelings…in the latter? Procrastineating. With luck (and good management) those impulses may be tempered somewhat now that Jupiter has moved onto chattier pastures in Gemini.

Other than this, there’s not a huge amount happening in the sky today. Sure the Moon will meet up with Pluto later, but its more of a handshake, how’s business and check the bank balance type of catch up than a boardroom power struggle.