Private Investigations…Mercury in Scorpio

Eye looking through a keyhole representing the privacy and security concept of spying and secrecy of private content from surveillance with a blue human eyeball behind a door in the shadows.

When he was a toddler, no grown up was brave enough to tell Mercury in Scorpio to use his words. So he doesn’t… That isn’t to say he doesn’t know how to… Everything he does say means something- and he assumes the same of you. Don’t say it unless you intend to stand by it.

When a Scorpio finally gives their heart and their trust (usually the 2 are interconnected), they expect that you will do the same. With that is an assumption that you feel everything as intensely as they do. Like all water Mercuries, there is an expectation that the channels of non-verbal communication are wide open. This translates to, they don’t only assume that you can read their minds, it simply doesn’t occur to them that you can’t.

This is one of the most razor sharp minds in the zodiac. He knows how to dig deep to get at the information that needs to be got at. He will mine for data to support a point of view, or to make a decision. Because of this he is very rarely wrong. On the rare occasions that he is proven to be incorrect, he will simply find more data to back up his original viewpoint. Having said that, he fights the fights he will win and will only push a point when it can be proven.

The Scorpio mind is made up of little expandable and labelled compartments within which data is stored until it is needed. This comes in brilliantly handy when it comes to taking revenge on someone who did something at some point in the past or to store in case someone does something at some point in the future. Scorpio and Scorpio Mercury have a brain built for investigation and forensics.

My Scorpio Hubby can cast his eyes over a balance sheet and without even picking up a calculator can dissect it in a second and pinpoint the errors in two- seconds that is. I had a Scorpio Boss who worked in a similar way, but with different numbers, different data. My Scorpio Dad has always been able to do the same thing.

Slow to trust, and of the guilty until proven innocent camp, Scorpio can tend towards paranoia. He may say he trusts you (and if you have earned his loyalty he will defend you to the end), but mistrusts the motives and intentions of those around you.  If, however, you abuse that trust, he will check your phone messages, the numbers you have called, your diary and your excuses. Digging up the dirt, so to speak.

In the Scorpio mind shades of grey do not exist. And as for compromise- what is that again? Yet for all this, when it comes to problem solving and weeding out the good from the bad and deciding exactly who is worth your trust and who will kick you in the guts, Scorpio is the one you want on your side.

As a friend she is loyal and usually right, as an employee she is insightful, and as an enemy pure Machiavellian. Scorpio likes to keep her friends close and her enemies closer. Those who warrant the famous Scorpio wariness will be monitored closely, with absolute inscrutability until further investigations prove their trust-worthiness (or otherwise). Scorpio is not scared to launch a pre-emptive self-defensive attack (and yes, this actually does make sense) if they feel it is necessary.

Scorpio doesn’t offer anything up. You have to earn it. Nor does he do anything or say anything without intention. You just have to work out what that intention is. When a Scorpio calls you out of the blue to talk about nothing, what they are really calling for is so that you can ask the questions that need to be asked so they can tell you without telling you what they need to tell you. If you can speak Scorpio, the exact words don’t need to be said- they are felt.

Do you think we need to talk about this?

I don’t know, do you think we need to talk about this?

If you don’t think we need to, I guess we don’t need to.

You’re right, we don’t need to talk about it…

It has all been said and understood.

This sound like you? If you have a Scorpio Sun or Ascendant, this is probably the way you think (if you are honest with yourself). If you have Mercury in Scorpio, your powers of investigation will be remarkable. Likewise if you have Mercury in close aspect to Pluto, you will also tend to think like a Scorpio- the extent of which will be determined by the aspect.

And the title song? Private Investigations by Dire Straits…of course. Check out the clip on YouTube here.