Pluto Retrograde, Cosmo Sex Quizzes and Outer Planet Influences

Pluto Retrograde April 6 to mid September 2010

Pluto is currently stationary and about to turn retrograde through until mid September. Strangely enough, the retrograde motion makes Pluto act, well, more Plutonian.

As with all retrogrades, the energy is directed inward rather than externally. In Plutos’ case, it acts sort of like a planetary detox where the crap (for want of a better term, and a Pluto term) in our lives is eliminated (a very Pluto word). This can be emotions we have been holding onto, attitudes or values which should have changed or evolved, vendettas we should have let go of, revenge fantasies we are just waiting for the right moment to act upon (ooops, that’s me!).

For those of you who are strongly influenced by Pluto (see below) or currently experiencing major Pluto transits (especially anyone with the Sun, Moon or ascendant in Cancer, Capricorn, Libra or Aries), this will be a big thing. Now is the time to get rid of those photos (you know the ones at the back of your drawer of X with Y), or, alternatively do some internal Pluto work on yourself- a physical detox, heavy meditation- anything that is regenerative and gets you back in touch with the innermost core of you.

Cosmos Quiz Time and the Outer Planets

I used to love doing the Cleo and Cosmo sex quizzes on the train to work. Learned some interesting things from them too… but obviously that is not for here! I would make sure that I counted the score in my head so no one reading over my shoulder could see my answers and therefore know what I really thought about doing _______, or whether I really would be likely to________ or indeed had done_______ where? Really?

Recently I have been having some fun with a series of Outer Planet point scoring quizzes that Donna Cunningham has been running on her Skywriter website. Just like the Cleo & Cosmo sex quizzes I have learned a lot, but this time the things I have learned have been about myself and are therefore possibly more useful in everyday life- or so I would hope.

Obviously I am so much more mature now  too, so am going to publish my results for all to see-  the results are possibly not as interesting (to some) as the sex quiz stuff, but some things are best left to the imagination.

First up was How Plutonian are you? Being so Piscean, I always knew that I was pretty influenced by Neptune, but the Pluto result blew me away. Using her system (check it out here), my Pluto score was a massive 56 points.

Anything over 25pts is seen as being very Plutonian, with association with all the good and bad sides of Pluto and Scorpio  (see Donna’s article for more explanation– Donna is the expert on all things Pluto): power, control, trust, holding on to things & feelings, revenge, obsession, healing, transformation. Looking honestly at myself, I do have to say it is all true- the good & the bad. With most of my Piscean planets in opposition to Pluto & with Pluto sitting right on my Descendant, the struggle with trust & power & control- particularly in relationships has been constant battle.

How Uranian are you? 51pts- again very high, but with Uranus & Pluto conjunct in my chart, the struggle between control & independence/ rebellion (again especially in relationships) is a strong one. And I do have to admit to getting claustrophobic (again in relationships), have been known to prompt the occasional argument just so I have a reason to yell, throw things & run, and can even admit to a bit of rebellion and the occasional protest march (in my youth, of course) just for the fun of it.

How Neptunian are you? 58 pts for the Pisces Dream Queen. No surprises there. Apparently us Neptunians have problems with boundaries, self deception, focus, addictions and escaping. Personally I have no problems with any of these things- I am actually very good at each. Neptunians are also intuitive, spiritual and inspired.

How Saturnian are you? OK, failed this one dismally- using an out of sign Moon-Saturn conjunction for 10pts and 2pts for the quincunx between Mars and Saturn gave me a massive 12pts.  Given that I tend not to use out of sign aspects or quincunxes, I was really grasping at straws to find some points here- originally I marked it as a big fat zero!

Donna Cunningham lists Saturn issues as:

“Structure, discipline, desire for quality and accomplishment, maturity, age, passage of time, authority, perseverance, self-discipline, realism, accountability, learning from experience, ability to face and deal with reality, establishing limits/boundaries, raising the bar, standards, taking responsibility.”

 Yep- got all of them covered… NOT! Anyone have any boundaries, focus or responsibility for sale? I lost mine behind those cases of wine in the corner…

 With thanks to Donna Cunningham for producing these. Head onto Donna’s site and score your own- I would love to hear how you did. Donna’s article on each will give you a great insight at each of your score levels- absolutely well worth the read. The comments against each article are also interesting to read.

 The “rules” ie orbs and aspects used are on the site.

 If you don’t already subscribe to Donna Cunningham’s RSS feed, it is well worth your while to do so.