Pleasure & Pain (re-visited)

Heart In Chains

I don’t normally do guest posts- even though I know it is absolutely the way to grow profile, readership etc. Very early in my blogging life (in fact before I started this site) I had a nasty experience where one persistent commenter was, well, snarky. And I don’t do snarky well. I should simply have not read them and I would never have known, but…whatever…it was almost enough to stop me before I started.

In truth, in true Piscean style, I am a little scared to face the public. My exalted 5th house Jupiter in Cancer wants to create and publish, but he also wants to hide under his shell and protect himself from hurts… That is before we talk about all the Pluto influence and it’s need for control- and when you guest post, you abdicate all control.

Anyway, have reprinted (with my permission of course) my post There’s a Fine Line Between Pleasure & Pain- the one that talks about Venus & Pluto in all of their wondrous power and might. I am thrilled to have it there. Check out the link here. And check out Sasstrology itself- it’s a fun and sassy site that talks all about astrology in sex and relationships. What am I saying checking it out? If you are into astrology, you would already know all about Sasstrology! And they made the post look much better than it looked here. Oh, and if there are any nasty comments? Please don’t tell me- I don’t want to know.