Pisces Full Moon and Eclipse: Riptide

Life saving objects with red flag on beach.

I have some pet hates when it comes to words. Words like journey and resonate make me cringe. Sometimes they even give me a little mouth vomit (and yes, before you write to me, I’m sure that there are words that I use that make you cringe too). Every so often, though, something comes into my inbox or blog feed that resonates with me so much that the only word I can use to describe how closely it resonated with me is resonates.

This morning it was April Elliott Kent’s Pisces Full Moon essay. The title resonated with me: How to Survive Quicksand. The reference to quicksand; the idea that it’s not the quicksand that will necessarily suck you down, but the panic; and that the best way to survive it is to gently reposition and float to the top. Yep, you guessed it- it all resonated with me. So much so that I kicked out my original idea for this Full Moon post in order to tell you why.

Because it was the exact word that I used yesterday when talking to my friend about the change that we’re planning. It’s a huge change and I’m a little scared to talk too much about it until I’ve got everything straight in my head, but yesterday I told him that I’d been feeling this year as though I was getting sucked down into quicksand, that the ground beneath my feet was shifting and moving rather than stabilising, and that I was scared I was going under. He told me that maybe I needed to reposition things and try and float a bit. See why April’s post resonated?

I guess it’s sort of like when you get caught in a rip (I think they call it a riptide in the US) in the ocean- as the current is pulling you further and further away from the shore, your instinct is to swim as hard as you can back to safety. The thing is, the ocean is stronger than you are and all you do is exhaust yourself and get nowhere.

To save from drowning in a rip they tell you to swim with it but parallel to the shore- the theory being that currents tend to be relatively narrow and you should pop out of it (fingers crossed). Alternatively float or tread water to save energy. Again, it’s the panic that takes you down.

This change I’m planning, will be, I’m sure, the best thing for us. Everywhere we go, everyone we talk to has yet another sign pointing in that direction. It will be hard- change at this level always is- but in the long run it feels right and it feels like a culmination. Yet, at the same time, I’m second guessing, worrying over details, trying to make it all as perfect and stress-free as it can be- even though I know that this is an impossible ask. Change is, by definition, chaos, and controllable only to a degree. The future, the outcome? I have no control over that, but it hasn’t stopped me asking the what if questions…or casting more than a few horary charts.

I told my friend that if so much hadn’t already happened this year I’d be able to think more clearly about this decision. He said that if the things that had happened this year hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t even be having the conversation. I suspect he’s right- but don’t tell him I said so.

The point is, this is a very Pisces Full Moon realisation- the struggle between panicking at the chaos and finding a point to float through is real indeed. Sure, there are times when you need to force and fight your way through- swim against the current. There are also times when it’s best to flip onto your back and look at the pretty shapes the clouds are making- metaphorically speaking, of course.

This Full Moon is also an eclipse and it’s at about this time that people start to worry about impending doom and gloom and how the rains of hell will start to fall on them and their chart- if, indeed, there is rain in hell. Eclipses can absolutely bring change, but it doesn’t follow that the change will be sudden, or bad or difficult, or any of those other words. It could be subtle- so subtle that you don’t notice that it even happened for months…or years. It can be any of these things and none of them- that’s the thing about eclipses. If you want to know more about them, check out this post. If you want to know more about how they might personally impact you and your chart, you can purchase one of Big Sky Astrology’s Moonshadow report. The links on the sidebar on the website.

As for the usual Full Moon DIY thing?

I’ll pop that up tomorrow…

Oh, before I go, you’ll be wanting the technical stuff? The Full Moon is at 24 Pisces 20′. It’s Friday (if you’re in the northern hemisphere) and Saturday if you’re here in Oz.