Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps- Mars in Libra

You won’t admit you love me

and so how am I ever to know?

You only tell me

Perhaps perhaps perhaps


A million times I’ve asked you

and then I’ve asked you over again

You only answer

Perhaps perhaps perhaps


Mars is the planet of desire, the planet of action. Mars is the energy of expansion, the urge to push to achieve what it is that you want. Exciting and inspirational, Mars is all about physical action and forward motion.

Yet in Libra, Mars is at his worst… well, unable to work in his normal physical just flipping do it way. Where Mars pursues the achievement of a desired outcome, Libra is more interested in the process of relating. Where Mars inspires through sometimes excessive energy, Libra detaches to logically observe situations objectively, weighing up all possibilities carefully. Where Mars represents male energy, Venus rules Libra and represents feminine grace, social skills and refined beauty.

In Libra, Mars’ normally sure action is indecisive and directed towards the process of relating rather than physical action. In Libra he gets what he wants by being charming, using diplomacy and finding the compromise points in all situations.

In doing so, he can get be frustrated by indecisiveness as he weighs up all viewpoints, options and perspectives. Or should I say that others are frustrated by his indecisiveness?

In Libra, he asserts himself with grace and through his relationships. In Libra he pursues balance, fairness and beauty. This is Mars in touch with his feminine side, so to speak.

As with all things Libran, Mars in this sign takes on a refinement and detachment that he doesn’t have elsewhere (wait for next months Mars in Scorpio post for the exact opposite!). This means that in Libra, he is not particularly passionate and tends towards the traditional when it comes to sex. In Libra, sex is given a romantic, almost old fashioned and polite flavour.

This transit of Libra by Mars has seen him join up with his partner in dastardly deeds- Saturn. While Saturn is in Libra your focus will be on trust and the ways in which you relate- in whatever area of the chart that Libra is in for you. With Mars there for the next few weeks, you will need to find the energy and diplomacy to commence building the structures required to achieve your goals for the next couple of years…that is, if you can find the energy to decide!


If you can’t make your mind up

We’ll never get started.

And I don’t wanna wind up

Being parted, broken-hearted.

So if you really love me

Say yes, but if you don’t dear, confess

And please don’t tell me

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Lyrics from “Perhaps, Perhaps Perhaps” by Doris Day…and others… I am particularly fond of the version by Cake or perhaps this one by Pussycat Dolls. But then again, there is the version done for the Baz Luhrman movie “Strictly Ballroom”…and I am thinking perhaps that the version Mari Wilson did for the UK sitcom “Coupling” might just be my favourite. I can’t decide…what do you think?