As I write the Moon is officially full- which seems weird as the Sun is streaming down here in Sydney.

It got me thinking though about patterns. Patterns in the birth chart, patterns in the sky.

I’ve been feeling seriously restless the last week, but especially the last couple of days. This morning it hit me- the Sun is opposite Uranus. Sure that’ll do it every time.

More importantly, it’ll do that to me every time because I have the Sun opposite Uranus natally.

It’s why I feel rejuvenated at the New Moon- because I was born under a New Moon- I have this aspect natally.

So I asked the question on my Facebook and Twitter pages today- whether anyone was born under a Full Moon and therefore feels its effect more intensely. The answer was a resounding yes.


The Astro weather forms a pattern that plays against your natal chart.  So, when the patterns in the sky replicate the patterns in your chart- that has to mean something…doesn’t it?

Absolutely- even when the aspect is different.

These patterns can help you make sense of some of the tougher aspects in your chart.

Think about breakthroughs you’ve had…have they come when the astro weather is repeating a connection in your birth chart? Maybe the Sun is trine Pluto and it’s all of a sudden making some sense out of your natal Sun-Pluto square? Or maybe it’s the opposite- when Venus is trine Jupiter in the sky and you play out your Venus-Jupiter square…maybe that one is just me.

Get the idea?

What about you? How do you see these patterns playing out in your life?