Passionfruit and Inspiration: Venus in Aries Redecorates

Jacaranda Trees at Circular Quay, Sydney. Pic by me.
Jacaranda Trees at Circular Quay, Sydney. Pic by me.

I had a flash of inspiration this morning.

As with most flashes of brilliance under a Sagittarius Moon I wanted to rush straight down to the hardware store and start slapping paint around. Just two things stopped me:

  1. I have to work, so can’t just run off and start painting
  2. Venus is retrograde, so I really need to plan the total design a little better…well, I need to plan the total design…all I have done so far is decide that I want my bedroom to look like this passionfruit print that I have feels.

I have been meaning to redecorate our bedroom for a little while now, but just haven’t worked out the concept. After being sick last week and spending way too much time in there as a result, the need to update has become more imperative. And, having Venus in Aries, I want it done yesterday already.

The room is currently themed around how a Jacaranda in bloom makes me feel- Spring in Sydney colours. The whole colour scheme was originally based around an antique plate that I saw & liked. But after about 6 years, we need a change and the room needs more warmth.

I originally tossed around the idea of a lipstick red wall with black and white accents. Then I saw some wallpaper in an Indian restaurant that I thought would look pretty cook on the feature wall- heavily brocaded in shades of red and clashing pink. Given that I usually sleep pretty poorly, a red wall possibly wouldn’t be good. Also, I have a bad temper, and we both have Mars in Scorpio and Pluto/Moons (mine is Pluto opposite Moon and his is Pluto square Moon), so red could be introducing a little too much of the wrong sort of passion- if you know what I mean.

This morning when I was rushing around packing my computer bag I noticed a postpak cylinder in the corner of the study. Inside was a limited edition print which I bought a few years ago on impulse (Venus in Aries). I originally bought it because it looked so juicy and full of creative promise- and yes, I know that sounds very new-agey and pretentious, but it sort of makes sense.  I have never had it framed and it has been sitting in the corner of my study ever since waiting for me to decide to do something with it. With all my cleaning up, that corner of the room has become visible again.

It wasn’t until I was at about lap 50 in the pool today that it hit me- the passionfruit print in all of its juiciness would be great in our room… and I could do so much with the colours. But instead of rushing out to slap paint on the wall, I will wait until Venus is direct to actually make the change and use the time to plan the concept itself.

The Capricorn Moon of the next few days will help me put some structure and cost behind my proposal, but I will wait until the Moon is in Aquarius before I introduce the idea to hubby. I find that with his Venus in Libra and his Moon in Gemini, Air Moons are the best times to initiate any discussion where I want to “sell” a plan- but that is my little secret… promise you won’t tell him?