Part of Fortune

OK, one for the astro peeps. I have popped this onto the astro basics page as well. If you want further info on the Arabic Parts (you might be interested in knowing the strength of your barley crop this year and possibly need to calculate the Part of Barley), check out Robert Zoller’s book The Arabic Parts in Astrology, a Lost Key to Prediction.

Zodiacal Longitude

(you will need this to calculate the Parts)

Aries 0-29

Taurus 30-59

Gemini 60-89

Cancer 90-119

Leo 120-149

Virgo 150-179

Libra 180- 209

Scorpio 210-239

Sagittarius 240-269

Capricorn 270-299

Aquarius 300- 329

Pisces 330- 359

Each of your planets gets a number according to this.

eg Jupiter is at 25 cancer (I rounded it up). Cancer starts at 90, so 25 Cancer would be 90+25= 115

My Moon is at 27 Pisces. Pisces begins at 330, so 27 Pisces would be 330+27= 357

My Saturn is at 1 Aries. Aries begins at 0, so 1 Aries is…1. Get it?

Part of Fortune/ Fortuna (Lunar Part)

This is the formula for those born during the day. Many astrologers reverse this for night time. Many others (myself included) don’t:

Ascendant (17 Pisces) + Moon (27 Pisces) – Sun (21 Pisces)

Using the latitudes above, this equates to:

347+ 357- 351= 353

Given that Pisces commences at 330, this would then fall at 23 Pisces.

(NB if you end up with a negative number add 360, if result is > 360, subtract 360)

We then look at which house it falls in, the ruler of the Part and the condition of the ruler.

Again in my chart, the Part of Fortune falls in the 1st house and is between my Moon & Sun. It is ruled by Jupiter, who is in the 5th and exalted in Cancer. Nice. A single sentence summary could possibly be:

I have a relatively good chance of landing on my feet- in general- and will be fortunate and profitable in 5th house (creative) Jupiterian type of pursuits…and probably under my own (1st house) steam… maybe that book will get written! Does it mean I will win the lotto? Probably not.

Using another example (a friends chart, so I won’t post it):

Ascendant (29 Gemini) + Moon (8 Pisces) – Sun (5 Gemini)

89+ 338-65= 362

Using the note above: 362-360= 2

The Part of Fortune in this chart falls at 2 Aries. This persons Fortuna falls in the 9th house with the ruler Mars at 29 Aries in the 10th. A fortunate fortuna indeed.

Let me know how you go.

These are mostly used in horary charts- ie single question charts where the question may relate to a specific part. eg Will I lose my job? If the significator falls onto the Part of Dismissal, the answer could possibly be yes.