Aries Featured Stars



Ruler: Mars

Exalted: Sun

Detriment: Venus

Fall: Saturn

Polarity: Masculine/ Positive

Modality: Cardinal

Element: Fire

Body Parts: head, adrenal glands, blood (as the vitaliser and energizer)

Nature: hot, dry, inflammatory

Aries represents activation and direct, thrusting, forward motion….yep, sounds a tad phallic.

Like mothers, us astrologers are supposed to love all signs equally and not have favourites. Deep down, though, most of us admit to a teeny preference here or there- maybe because it’s the sign of the people we love the most in our lives.

Often, though, it’s the sign that our Venus is in. Why? Because Venus shows us where we find pleasure and how we relate, so it makes sense that we’re drawn to those who display the characteristics of that sign. Therefore, it makes sense that I have an extra big soft spot for Aries- it’s the sign my Venus is in and it’s also the sign my daughter, brother and BMF were born under. Well, that’s my excuse anyway.

I asked Miss 17 in two days  (Sun, Mars, Mercury and Saturn in Aries) what she likes most about being an Aries. Her reply? She said she likes that she knows that if she stops she gets tired, but that if she exercises she thinks better.

I would have asked my BMF (ASC, Sun, Mars in Aries) what he thinks about being an Aries, except he was having one of those weeks when he was whirling around in a million different directions, with me being caught in his slipstream.

I would have asked my baby brother (ASC, Sun, Mercury in Aries) what he thought, except that he’d gone exploring in the Victorian High Country with his swag and his camping accessories.

Now, before you all accuse me of complete bias, yes, Aries, like all signs, has its shadow- anyone who has an Aries ex will be able to fill a page on his (or her) insensitivity, tantrums, lack of guilt or remorse, selfishness, enough about you lets talk about me attitude. But if you want to know about those check out this post.

Anyways, for everyone else, without any additional fuss or sentimentality, let me introduce to you Aries…

Aries is the warrior

Whether it’s a boardroom, a battlefield, a sporting event, a cause, an argument, a business, a damsel in distress, Aries will charge in and try and save the day. he also knows when it’s best to retreat and fight a different battle.

Aries is wilful

Not stubborn, as such, but wilful…ever tried moving a ram that doesn’t want to be moved? I rest my case.

Aries needs space

That spark won’t blaze without room to move. Don’t try and hold him too close- it gets way too hot for comfort. Besides, the flame will be smothered and where’s the interest in that?

Aries is irresistible

What can I say? The stars and the sun dance to your drum…

Aries is energising

Energy breeds energy…right? Being with Aries is like a shot of pure adrenaline- energising and uplifting. Being in the centre of an Aries whirlwind lifts you higher than nothing else can.

Aries is charismatic

Just like a camp fire that you can’t help being drawn to, Aries is warming, hypnotic, magnetic.

Aries is frustrating

Too much Aries can be exhausting, headache inducing (after all, Aries does rule the head) and immensely frustrating as they go from Plan A to Plan F and back again. It’s a good thing the Aries attention span is short- it gives you a break.

Aries needs attention

Flames need fuel to stay alight, and in the case of Aries, that fuel is attention and recognition. As my BMF says, ‘bring on the dancing girls and hallelujah chorus.” Too much fuel, though, and a good burn turns into an uncontrollable inferno.

Aries starts stuff

…but has a relatively short attention span, so isn’t so great at finishing long term projects…unless it’s a long term project with lots of spot fires that need fighting.

Aries burns fast

This is good if you’re on the receiving end of an Aries tantrum. Thanks to that short attention span, Aries doesn’t tend to hold a grudge…unless they have the Moon or Mars in one of those signs that does attach itself to a good grievance. Sure they’re willful, but just like a toddler, distraction is relatively easy.

Aries is honest

Mainly because he doesn’t have the time or the inclination to be less than straight forward- Aries will always take the quickest path to wherever they need to get to. Water signs be warned- most of the time Aries has no idea that he’s upset you- he’s already moved on.

Aries likes to win

Life is a competition…isn’t it? What’s the point of playing the game (whatever the game is) if you’re not there to win it? And let’s face it, Aries loves a game, or a chase…

Aries likes to be first

What’s the point of exploring something, inventing something, finding something, whatever, if it’s all been done before?

If you have the Sun or Mars in the first house, or Sun conjunct Mars, or Aries on the Ascendant, you could recognise some of these qualities in yourself. If you have the Sun square or opposite Mars, you could recognise some of the shadow as well! Remember, how Arian you are will also depend on the sign of your Moon (amongst a host of other things) and the house that your Sun is in.

Happy Birthday Aries!