I’ll keep this short as I’m catching up on last weeks television when I should be catching up on the sleep I didn’t get last night on the overnight flight from Bali.

Unfortunately, I have never seemed to learn how to sleep on an overnight flight. I admire those who do- a mate of mine is asleep before the plane leaves the tarmac. I hate him.

On the up side, I get plenty of exercise walking up and down the aisle, lots of stretches down the back of the plane, and have had some great conversations with cabin crew at stupid times of the morning.

So, I have had precisely 15 minutes sleep in the last 36 hours or so, and feel like I have a hangover without the fun stuff. The holiday, however, was worth it.

In the sky it’s all about Gemini.

The Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in this most chatty of air signs.

Gemini likes to know stuff, and the most efficient way of knowing stuff is by talking to people. It’s sort of like a great big connect the dots mind map- where one snippet of information triggers another, and another. Before you know it the dots are connected and there is one helluva brainstorm happening there. After all, many of the best ideas are initiated from a throw away comment…

With Venus doing her retrograde thing, everything old is new again. Don’t be surprised if ideas you may have previously dismissed are raised again. Now is the perfect time to re-visit these…you never do know what could come of it.

Opportunities- gotta love them.

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