One of the Brightest Stars


Sometimes not knowing preserves the magic.

It’s like the plan that loses its “OMG it’s amazingness” as soon as you start dwelling on the detail and the how tos. Or the first kiss that was, quite frankly, not as fabulous as it had been in your fantasy.

Sometimes when you know how things work, they cease to hold the same attraction.  Imagine the first time anyone saw a tiny beak pecking to free itself from an egg. Magical. Nature is magical. Or the push up bra…magical. Yet somehow, once you understand the science (or, in the case of the push up bra, the engineering) it no longer is magical. Still wondrous, and amazing, but not magical.

Which is why I’m not posting any of the scientific details about Wednesday mornings rare transit by Venus of the Sun. To me, the idea that Venus will appear as a black disc moving across the face of the Sun is magical. Magical enough to send explorers to the high seas to track it. Magical enough for things to happen- unexplained things, momentous things. Magical enough to not happen again in our lifetime.

What does it mean? To be honest, I don’t know- it doesn’t happen often enough for there to be a consensus of opinion. There are a lot of interpretations out there by different astrologers. And that’s ok- there is magic in the diversity.

It must have seemed even more magical to the ancients who would see the phenomenon and then witness Venus’ disappearance from the night sky, only to re-appear as the morning star soon after.

I like Jonathon Cainers’ comment that it will act as a re-boot of everything Venusian. Like when you switch something off and it comes back to life stronger and brighter and fresher. Like when the lights go off and then suddenly come back on. Like when the Sun streams through a forest to light a path. Like when you look at someone and just know that they will wind up being important to you. You don’t need to know how or why- that would destroy the moment and the significance…and the magic.

Venus transits come in pairs, 8 years apart. The last was in June 2004, so you know what I am going to say? Have a think about the themes that were occurring then. Are there any similarities to events or themes occurring now?

The Venus transit will occur at 15 Gemini 45’? Anything there? Anything between 14-17 Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces or Virgo?

Venus transits on there own are, given their brevity, are rarely mega meaningful. They can, however, be triggers to something more. Given that this event is similar to an eclipse, it will be meaningful.  Given that it is occurring just a couple of days after a Lunar Eclipse, it will be meaningful. How it will be important? Well, that’s the magic part.

Want more on this? Over on the Facebook page I’ve linked to a number of posts by astrologers who have a lot more to say on this. There’s even some information about the science part.

Oh, some more technical stuff- Venus will transit the Sun from 8am Sydney time on Wednesday 6 June, 2012. Here on the East Coast of Australia will be one of the best vantage points. Just remember- don’t look directly at the Sun- it will fry your eyes.