Once in a Lifetime

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I wrote this morning about the transit of Venus across the Sun.

This is a once in a lifetime transit.

The last one 8 years ago wasn’t once in a lifetime- it was just rare. This one is. The next will be 2117 and then another 8 years after that. In any case, unless there are massive changes in life expectancy, no one who is reading this today will be reading this in 2117.

So, it follows that what was started 8 years ago, if indeed anything was, now has the potential to be once in a lifetime-ish. But don’t expect some bolt from the blue (although that could happen, especially if you have planets or chart points at 15 Gemini 45’). This should feel more subtle, maybe like a brightening, a recharge.

I asked this morning if you could recall what was happening 8 years ago. Unless you had anything happening at around 17 Gemini (or 17 degrees of any of the mutable signs) you may have problems isolating an event, or series of events. I have no planets in Gemini. I have no planets in Air signs. But the angles in my chart are at 17 Pisces/Virgo and 15 Sagittarius/Gemini. This means that anything happening at 17 Gemini would oppose my Midheaven and square the Ascendant.

Eight years ago I had some pretty serious health problems and was preparing for a major surgery. I have similar symptoms now. That’s not good.

Eight years ago someone came into my life who I knew would be important. You know how sometimes you just know? Not in a romantic way, I’m too married for that, but important in a sort of fated way. Those themes are also around at the moment- and that’s a good thing.

What I’m saying is don’t expect to wake up on Wednesday morning and have anything be different- although if it is, that’s cool. But also, don’t be surprised if you wake up a few weeks or a few months down the track and can pinpoint the changes that have occurred, subtle or otherwise, to something that is happening now.

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  1. Nothing at 17 Gemini here but just after last Venus transit I did get engaged and pregnant in short order – all going swimmingly with aforementioned husband and baby (now boy). Just in the middle of moving now (4th house in Gemini) so will have new lifestyle and hopefully more time to make some art, which I feel is the next big purpose of my life. Hope your health stays good Jo.

  2. I have no idea what happened eight years ago or whether I have anything in Gemini or similar, far too complicated and time consuming for an Aries girl to figure out, and for a mathematically challenged at that too. All I know is that just on the day of the eclipse, my lovely Scorpio mother told me to move out as she could not stand me any more; Well, she had told me the same thing when I turned eighteen and, although hurtful, in a way she had set me free. Maybe there’s a pattern with the number eight, Jo? Love your posts hon, keep’em coming. Kisses

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