OMG, It’s Like So Whatever: Pisces Child

Mosaic detail in Hong Kong. Pic by me.
Mosaic detail in Hong Kong. Pic by me.

Every parent knows that bringing up a child can be hard- the toughest job with the poorest pay scales and the longest hours you will ever have. They’re expensive, they’re relentless and the worry never ever goes away, but you love every hair on their head- even on those days when you don’t particularly like them. Astrology can make it easier.

Sure, your child is gorgeous, supremely talented and like no other, but if you can understand them a little better, you may also be able to deal with it a little easier.

Each month, we’ll look at your child through the signs. As children grow into their Sun signs, they will react more like their Moon sign and present like their Rising sign, so read all three.

My child, TTM, is an Aries Sun, with an Aquarius Moon and Capricorn Rising- I see all of these in her…and, being as Piscean as I am, struggle to understand these parts of her- especially when I say stuff like ‘but how do you feel about that?’ and she looks at me with that so whatever look on her face and says, ‘Mum, I’m OK. Love you. Next?’

So, you are the parent of, or grandparent of a Pisces child. How do you possibly understand this kid? Especially when this child often has no idea how to interpret or process her own emotions?

Your Pisces child will often seem like she is in another world, someplace that you can’t access or even begin to understand. She feels so much about so many things and it simply doesn’t occur to her that not every one has the same jangle of emotions that she does.

Pisces has a natural affinity with animals- they don’t cause her the same pain that people do, they belong to her, and love her unconditionally. If anyone can talk to animals your Pisces child can- she senses them and they understand her.

She will cry a lot- she can’t help this, nor can she hide it- she will also feel the pain of others very deeply. Depending on how much Pisces she has will determine just how much of this she takes on herself. Without boundaries, your pain is hers- she may not know where you end and she begins and may not understand that what she is feeling is actually what you are going through. Be aware of this and offer comfort- your Pisces child needs to know that she belongs to someone.

With understanding, she will learn to deal with these, although there is a fine line between gentle understanding and a dismissal of those emotions that are so much a part of who she is. Your Pisces child needs to be able to dream and needs to be able to feel, but she also needs to learn about boundaries- when it is ok to drift into fantasy and when it is time to pay a visit to the real world and get things done.

She also needs to learn about consequences. With such a tenuous grip on reality, she can tend to procrastinate, manipulate, blame others and otherwise get herself out of situations she has somehow found her way into. She can be extremely creative in her efforts to avoid consequences- if you know what I mean…and the interesting thing is that she will actually believe her version of the story.

For this reason, your Pisces child may require more of your attention than those born under other signs- even if it appears that she doesn’t. What she wants more than anything is emotional support. What she needs is the practical tools to deal with those who see who otherworldliness as a target for ridicule and victimisation or deception and delusion. What you need to manage is the high wire act between encouraging her creative and artistic talents and rich imagination whilst still helping her stand on her own two feet.

Your Pisces child will imbue everyone with the attitudes she sees around her and will always assume innocence even in the face of absolute proof of guilt. Part of this is compassion- she simply can’t bear the alternative and will instead feel their pain.  This is where another high wire act is required- how to provide valuable life lessons in human nature, yet still maintain that wonderful Piscean compassion?

Your little goldfish will not be that comfortable in the limelight, so no matter what your dreams for her may be, if she is not comfortable in centre stage, don’t force her into anything she isn’t comfortable with. With the right encouragement she will edge out of her comfort zone in her own time.

Attachment is a Piscean trait- and that includes attachment to people, emotions and beliefs…including self belief. Your childs’ self worth may be as blurred as her boundaries are. She sees herself only through yours and others’ eyes. Whatever you say to her or about her will form her vision of self.

As a result your Pisces child may tend towards feelings of low self-worth- no matter how talented they appear to the world, no matter what marks they bring home from school or what ribbons they win. All she will remember is those missing 2 marks from the last math test or a comment she overheard you make to a friend 3 months ago over a drink.

So, as a parent, what can you do? Above all else, discourage her from playing the victim or the martyr, yet allow her the space and the quiet to explore her dream world. This is especially important as she reaches her teenage years.

Having said that, the junior Pisces needs to learn about boundaries and consequences through gentle routine and basic rules. Breaking her spirit won’t bring her into reality, but it will ensure that she drifts away in her head to a place she feels safe and understood. Handled well, her talents and imagination have no limitations.

If your Sun or Moon is in a Fire sign, you will have difficulties getting the sensitivity of this kid. She will send out messages that you simply do not understand. If in doubt, default to a hug.

If your Sun or Moon is in an Earth sign, you may find her emotions a tad on the overwhelming side, but if in doubt, default to a hug.

If your Sun or Moon is in an Air sign, you will be best served to leave the logic in the text book- this kid doesn’t do it, logic that is. Don’t push for explanations and don’t push aside the emotions. If in doubt, default to a hug.

If your Sun or Moon is in a Water sign, you understand the emotive, intuitive side of your child extremely well- the danger for you is in encouraging her to look at past hurts rather than move it on already….nothing more