Oh So Pretty- Venus Return


My Venus Return happened 30 minutes ago.

It should be blissful, but the way things are in the partition at present, I’m assuming it will be anything but. Besides, I don’t have a great record of good hair days with Venus Returns- I’ve told you about that before.

It’s not something that concerns me greatly- I love my Venus in Aries, it’s just that she doesn’t relate to the whole sugar and spice thing that Venus is usually associated with…and that’s absolutely fine by me.

So, Venus Returns. It’s about re-booting all things Venusian- money, relating, pleasure…and my attitude to these things.

Last years Venus Return was interesting and, on the whole, financially rewarding.

This year, however, is the most interesting Venus Return I’ve had in a number of years.

Check it out.

Venus return

The first things I noticed are:

  • Sun conjunct Chiron
  • A packed Aries 2nd house
  • Venus opposite the Moon
  • Neptune on the Ascendant
  • The 12th house is brought to the Ascendant

There’s a lot going on. I have my suspicions as to what could happen, but that would be straying into the area of too much information!

Ok, DIY time…

Check out what’s happening with Venus

What house is it in?

What aspects are being made by Venus?

In my example, Venus is a busy lady. She’s in her natal home- the 2nd- conjunct Uranus and Mars (wide), square Pluto, trine Jupiter and opposite the Moon. Venusian themes will be busy this year. Given that Venus and Mars are in the same sign, my wants and desires are on the same wavelength, but with Uranus in between the two, it won’t be smooth or conservative sailing. I suspect that I’ll need to be more courageous than I’ve ever been.

What sign is on the Return Ascendant?

This year it’s Pisces.

What part of the natal chart is brought to the Return Ascendant?

The 12th house. Neptune on the Ascendant reinforces a hidden 12th house element.

What is the ruling planet of the Return chart?

I use the traditional rulerships.

For my chart, this is Jupiter. Jupiter is retrograde in Leo and trine Venus.

The modern ruler, Neptune, is in prime position. I’ll need to watch Neptunian issues and “false prophets” or illusions this year- especially around contracts.

Are there any planets on the angles?

Anything on the angles is important- it’s that simple. The nature of the planet will give you clues. Venus will be operating through these planets.

In my chart? Neptune is on the Ascendant and Saturn is on the Midheaven. Enough said.

Check out what’s happening with Mars

Venus is the natural partner to Mars. If they are in harmony, that’s great- so are your desires and what you are prepared to do to satisfy them. The male and female energies are balanced. There will be periods of relaxation and appreciation in the energy of achievement. Venus brings an awareness of the impact of our actions on others- gives us reason to pause and reflect every now and again…even if, like me, your Venus is in Aries and is, shall we say, a little more self centred than most.

Look for any aspect- even a square will be dynamic potential.

What about the Moon?

This will tell you about where your heart is in relation to, well, matters of the heart.

The Moon is opposite Venus in the 8th house and square Pluto. There’s an intensity around relationships and money. A seriously deep intensity.

Are any natal planets being brought to the angles of the return chart?

No…not this year.

Check out also:

Any planets at a critical degree ie 0 or 29.

Any planets being brought to the degree of the natal nodes.

Any obvious patterns in the chart- ie are the planets splashed all around or focused in a couple of houses?

Any obvious patterns in element or mode? Are the planets across all elements or modalities or focused on just one or two?

Is the Vertex being activated? Any year that the vertex is active is likely to be a fated or karmic year, Venusian wise. The Vertex in the SR chart (not shown) is 19 Cancer. I don’t have any natal planets at this degree.

***Keep an eye open for any repeating themes across your various return charts***

Due to the nature of their orbit, you should have Sun, Mercury and Venus as the most within a couple of months of each other

and remember…

the return chart will only deliver to the promise of the natal Venus.

My Venus in Aries isn’t in great shape, so will never, even if surrounded by sweetness and light, will be sweetness and light. If your Venus is shy and introverted, a busy Venusian year could bring more opportunities for social interaction, but you have to actually say yes to them.

How do I cast a Venus Return chart?

I use Astro Gold on my iPhone- it’s a paid app, but if you’re into your astro, it’s one to have.

Even though there is no subsidiary chart for returns other than Solar Returns, the reports function tells me the date and time when Venus is exactly conjunct Venus- so I cast a chart for this time. If you don’t have this app, it’s a bit more of a palaver, but I explain it at the bottom of this post.