Nothing New…


Nothing new today. Major major meltdown issue on the work PC has left me lost for words. So here are all of your previous Aries questions in one spot:

Q: How to piss off Aries?
A: We covered that last week. I just asked my Aries daughter & her response was: “That’s easy. Just talk too much, give them too much information and like follow them everywhere- ‘cos I absolutely hate that!”

Q: How to make Aries man fall in love with you?
A: Sorry, this is a higher moral ground one- none of us can make another fall in love with us if they don’t want to. And Aries, in particular, doesn’t do anything he doesn’t want to.

Q: Do Aries men always want to solve your problems?
A: Generally. Aries man is usually an alpha male and certainly does like to slay your dragons before charging back off on his white horse into the distance while you sigh and say “who was that masked man?” Unfortunately for him, most of us are actually capable of looking after ourselves, solving our own problems and aren’t actually telling him because we need him to fix something, but because we need him to listen.

Q: I think I lost an Aries man interest/ Aries man only wants one night
Q: What happens when an Aries man/woman is tired of you?

A: Aries likes to be first. Aries likes to win. Aries likes the thrill of the hunt and the chase. Aries likes to be the best. Aries likes room to move. Aries likes to be challenged. Aries is physical. Aries is vital. Aries is sexual. An Aries man can convince you that you are the only woman in the room and the most important person in his life. And because he is irresistible in this mood you will believe him (especially if you are a naive and impressionable fishie) at least until after he has had his way with you and moved on. I often (half) joke that the way to keep an Aries interested is not to let him know that he is the best you have ever had (even if he is)- give him a challenge to aim towards.

Q: How to annoy an Aries/ How do you argue with an Aries?
A: Don’t feel badly- this is actually quite easy to do. Aries dislikes detail, so use it. Aries also quite likes the sound of his own voice, but not so much that of others. Aries doesn’t like to be questioned or judged, so if you want to annoy him try and pin him down. His attention span is miniscule, so he bores easily. His temper flares quickly, but doesn’t tend to last long (marginally longer than his attention span), so your window for decent argument is relatively narrow. Often if he thinks he has won, that is good enough for him.

Q: Do Aries men have regrets?
A: Absolutely, although may admit it only to themselves. Aries regrets are generally around conquests not made, adventures not started or fear stopping them from making the move they desperately wished they had made.

Q: Who can handle an Aries woman?
Usually it takes a strong and independent man…but leave the aggression where it belongs- on the football field.