A Re-Tweet: Never Date a (insert star sign here)…

I usually write my Saturday morning blogs in bed surrounded by the remains of the Saturday Herald for inspiration…decadent I know. This morning, though, I do not have a creative thought in my head. I have friends around for dinner tonight & will be doing a Morroccan Tagine & other bits &  pieces, so without a doubt, inspiration will strike as I am rolling out the pastry for the mango custard & orange blossom tarts- and yes, I am allowed to try a teeeny weeny bite of one.

In the meantime, Donna Cunningham’s feed this morning showcased this particular article which I got a giggle out of. Hopefully you will too…although, am I really that sort of Pisces? Given that I have cried in Hannah Montana the Movie & everytime Maria runs back across the lawn to the kids and everytime that Julia Roberts is just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her in Notting Hill…and way back in my teen years in the early 80’s I do confess to owning an Air Supply record…  Read your Sun sign & your Venus sign & be honest!

Check out this very funny piece by Kim Rogers-Gallagher here.

My fave is the Taurus snippet:

“Don’t date a Taurus if you’re not Looking For A Relationship, because once you ask them out they’ll consider themselves engaged and want to shop for rings. If you are looking for an over-possessive materialist, get yourself a Taurus. Do date a Taurus if you enjoy eating huge, fattening meals in front of the television set every night, and you don’t mind carrying a pager so they can reach you at any moment to ask you to stop at the grocery store on the way home. Are they really as stubborn and slow-moving as legend has it? Well, let’s just say that if you’re waiting for them to change their mind, you should definitely bring along something to read. And if you’re waiting for them to get ready to do anything, be prepared to actually watch your nails grow ….”