My Way…


Ruler: Saturn (traditional), Uranus (modern)


Detriment: the Sun


Polarity: Masculine/ Positive

Modality: Fixed

Element: Air

Body Parts: nerve impulses, lower leg, calves, ankles, blood & circulation, parathyroid, energy flow of the meridian system, auras & chakras

Nature: hot, moist, nervous, quick, impulsive, electrical

Aquarius represents patterns of energy flow and circulation.

This post was first published a few years ago…it’s been slightly updated…

Not that long ago, in a food hall in suburban Sydney, I heard the following conversation between three teenage girls. It went something like:

Girl 1: My boyfriend is an Aquarius and he’s, like, so sensitive.

Girl 2: That’s because Aquarius is a water sign. They’re so emotional.

Girl 3: But I thought it was an Air sign…or something.

Girl 2: Hello…the water bearer?

Girl 3: Oh that’s right. What’s your boyfriend?

Girl 2: He’s a Scorpio, and he’s so fiery…

Aquarius is one of the most misunderstood signs in the zodiac…Scorpio is also…

Aquarius is often mistaken for a water sign- indeed, the squiggly lines that form its glyph look like water- yet it is an Air sign- the squiggles are supposed to be representative of knowledge.

It’s archetype, the water-bearer, only adds to the confusion. The pouring of the water is representative of the dissemination of knowledge…or something like that.

Aquarius is associated with all that is free and laid back and future orientated- yet it is a fixed sign.

Aquarius is associated with rebellion and fresh ideas and innovation and rage against the machine- yet its traditional ruler is Saturn.

Aquarius has a vision, a theory of humanity, an idea of the way things are Meant To Be. The substance behind that may be a particular cause, a firmly held opinion or simply a rebellion for no real reason.  At the root of all Aquarian visions is the idea of personal freedom and individuality, yet it’s also representative of like minded people coming together for a common purpose.

Aquarius is an air sign, and like all air signs, is motivated by ideas and the relationship between ideas and people.

Aquarius is a fixed sign, and like all fixed signs resists change. Where Taurus will hold onto possessions, and Leo needs to maintain a strong grip on his ego to feel secure, and Scorpio keeps grasp of her emotions, Aquarius will stubbornly hold onto an idea- regardless of whether anyone else believes it. Aquarius has the mental capacity to think outside the square and the ability to communicate their view of the truth clearly. He will also use that fixed energy to pursue that idea through to the bitter end.

Aquarius is about so much more than personal ego. As the opposite to Sun ruled Leo, Aquarius resolutely takes the crown off his head, throws it away and twists the spotlight around to focus on what matters more than himself. We see this every day in freedom fighters, humanitarian aid programs. We see it every time a group of people come together and put their own personalities aside.

This is where Saturn comes into the picture.

Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, whilst Uranus is the modern ruler. Uranus the quirky, electrical, unpredictable bringer of things to shake us out of our lethargy, and Saturn the mature, responsible builder of structures and boundaries.  How can this be?

Uranus provides the zing, the impulse to think and theorise in a new and innovative, future driven way. Uranus provides the impulse to rebel outside of the conventional structures of society. Without the commitment, maturity and internal structure offered by Saturn, this simply results in anarchy- not revolution.

Anytime a cause or a common belief is able to galvanise a group of people towards action, structure is needed in order to build real lasting change.

This is how change happens.

Although initially revolutionary, change is constant and evolutionary. Once implemented, it becomes part of the structure of society and conventional. It is at this point we can meet Aquarius’ shadow. Change for the greater good requires the ability to detach oneself from the ego and the emotions. It is here also that we meet Aquarius’ shadow.

Aquarius can be stubborn, holding onto an idea long after its sell by date- just for the sake of “seeing it through”. At this point there is no freedom of thought or end position of greater good involved, just a stubborn principle. It is at this point too, that we see rebellion for no real reason other than for its own sake.

Rebellion for its own sake is not progressive or forward thinking or belief orientated- it is destructive. This is the teenager who insists on looking or behaving in a way that goes against societal norm just because she can. This is pure Uranian anti- Saturn rebellion.

Despite their reputation for coldness, Aquarius is as human as the next person. It is his ability to detach and analyse his thoughts and feelings that can make him seem aloof, uncaring and commitment-phobic.  Despite his wit, his surface lightness, his apparent sociability, through detachment Aquarius can feel alienated. In order to feel complete, he must also recognise that others are not so able to compartmentalise their feelings or put aside their ego. He must learn to recognise his own achievements for what they are and remember that although he is part of something bigger, all groups are essentially still comprised of individuals.