More on the Eclipse…a sense of place and a wardrobe crisis.

Pic by me
Pic by me

I write this with a glass of Yarra Valley pinot noir in my glass (it is after wine o clock on a Friday afternoon here in Sydney) a snoring cocker spaniel keeping my feet warm under the computer desk and listening to an amazing cover of Dire Straits’ Romeo and Juliet by Aussie singer Lisa Mitchell (the youtube link is here). Naturally the whole thing is an exercise in procrastination because I need to fill some words here about whats happening in the sky and I need to think seriously about putting on half a face and something other than trackydaks and ugg boots to venture out into the cold to celebrate my neighbours birthday (speaking of which, happy birthday to my very bestest and favouritest Cancer BFF).

Yep, that means she has an eclipse and a New Moon in her solar return this year. Unfortunately, without an accurate birth date, I can’t do a full solar return chart for her, but I can say the eclipse is conjunct her Sun. In fact a lot of people around me are going to be impacted by this eclipse. A close friend will have a direct square to his Aries Ascendant & Libra Descendant (both of which are also receiving a visitation from Saturn- again, I haven’t told him that bit…), Five Foot Something has her Ascendant at 10 Capricorn, so this will fall conjunct the Descendant…and as for hubby, well we covered that one last night. It will be interesting to see just how this plays out for every one over the next few months. When I told my friend today, she did comment that the one thing they all had in common was…well, me!

Saturn is the player in tonights’ eclipse chart that really warrants a mention. Pluto at 6 Capricorn is in play, but I normally like my orbs to be a little tighter…not that Pluto really takes much stock by what people like or don’t like. Uranus at 4 Aries is also a little too wide, but is unpredictable and really doesn’t like to miss an event of any sort. Also, he is gathering strength at present before he turns retrograde in a week or so. Saturn, though, at 10 Libra is within a degree of the New Moon/ eclipse. This brings all 4 points of the cardinal cross well and truly into play. That fact alone makes this eclipse Important. Keep an eye on the news over the next week.

The last few days has brought some unexpected occurrences and news which has shocked, or at least surprised- although when I think about it, didn’t I always really know? Even with the faultiest personal radar in history? Yet this eclipse is a tad too wide to hit anything in my chart except the nodal axis….hmmmm…

The pic I have used today I took in Canberra a few weeks ago. It is from the standing stones at Reconciliation Place- sort of between National Portrait Gallery and the High Court and the National Library and the Lake. It tells of Aboriginal sense of place and reconciliation, but what I love about this pic is the Sun and Moon, the stars and the fish. Very me, and, I think, very appropriate for this Cancer New Moon- a sense of place, a sense of past, a sense of history and a reminder of our roots and our history. The events of the past create the todays and the tomorrows.

OMG that sounds awfully philosophical for a Friday night. Must run, have a substantial amount of repair to do on this face and as for the wardrobe crisis…maybe another glass of red will give me some inspiration.

Oh, I nearly forgot- the times:

Sydney 6.39pm

NZ 8.39pm

Perth 4.39pm

KL 4.39pm

London 9.39am

New York 4.39am

LA 2.39am

The New Moon will follow about 15 mins later ie 6.54pm Sydney time etc

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