More, More, More…


Jupiter is about expansion, growth and moving your boundaries. Jupiter is about abundance and the principle of more, more, more or yes, yes yes.

Cancer is about nurturing, sensitivity, emotional responses, home and family values.  Cancer is also about nurturing yourself, feeding yourself, mothering others, and keeping a full tummy.

I don’t know about you, but I’m putting Jupiter’s more more more with Cancer’s emotional eating and full tummy- and not liking what it says about the numbers that could be on my bathroom scales.

It doesn’t have to be like this though. It doesn’t need to be a tubby transit.

Wherever Jupiter is in your chart, is where you need to do some expansive work. When it’s in Cancer, especially if you have weight or emotional eating problems, you need to do some work on your emotional responses.

There might be long standing mother issues, perceived or real nurturing problems.

Maybe you need to let others in, maybe you need to strengthen your internal structures, redefine your family relationships, and offer your nurturing and healing gifts to others.

Just a thought bubble that I’ll leave with you.

The thing is, the Moon is by nature excessive and expansive in nature. Feminine by polarity, it continues to absorb. So what happens if there is too much feeling, too many emotions- the emotional body becomes enlarged…and often with it, the physical body.

Somehow, you must find a way of releasing these energies, allowing them to be expressed rather than ingested… It’s this reason that we often find weight issues in the charts of people with Moon/Jupiter contacts… not always, but often enough to make it no small coincidence… Something else I’ll let you chew over. No pun intended.

Anyways, Cancer is a private sign, after all, it’s about keeping our emotions and the things and people that we care about safe and warm and well fed. Cancer is also naturally cautious. Every crab worth his salt knows that the tide is going to come back in each night and potentially wash everything away.

Jupiter is optimistic and outgoing- he also has a faith in the future that Cancer has difficulty with. Yet, Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer. How can this be?

Stephen Arroyo, in his book Exploring Jupiter (incidentally, if you haven’t read this, do yourselves a favour…) explains this:

“…those who have a strong attunement to Jupiter need…human sensitivity to bring their largeness of vision and grand schemes down to realisable human dimensions. Sensitivity is needed for Jupiterians to avoid the excesses that they are so prone to. Sensitivity to others and their feelings enables the Jupiter person to harness that expansive, encouraging power to nurture and sustain human beings and their aspirations.”

Makes sense to me.

But then, so does Arroyo’s idea that:

“exaltations symbolise the ideal expression of a planet’s function for spiritual growth and the optimum use of that planet’s energy for creative purposes.”

Make sense to me, that is.

Jupiter in Cancer people are therefore highly sensitive, highly intuitive and open hearted- generally without the fear and paranoia that can shadow Cancer.

They are, however, more risk adverse and conservative in attitude, and require more private me time, than other Jupiter placements.

The challenge for Jupiter in Cancer people is to believe in themselves, and, more importantly, to believe that they are worth nurturing. We’re talking self care, here…the kind where we go a little further than the packet of tim tams in the fridge.

Here’s an idea, how about thinking about what you need, what you can give yourself…only then can you nurture someone else. It’s a little like why on the airport security videos they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on before fitting those of your kids.

I reckon they’re onto something.